The Garden of Eden

Out of pure curiosity why men are attracted to breast like no other. My apologies to any offended reader!

Hark hither! Who resembles the Goddess of Thames
Do you not hear my call, so loud and clear?
Or thy ears pinned to the softer melody far
Show me now, thou haveth one that I admire

Unravel the pair of supple hill on thy chest
For I urge to behold them with ecstasy
Shoot me if you will, but I wait for thee to unfurl
O I plead, don’t undo me and obey my request

The Garden of Eden, the ocean of pleasure it is
My eyes shall be full with admiration and sensual blessings
And the touch, it shall lead me to heaven's excitement
And I shall remember you for eons of time

That a lump of flesh, but with such a shape and supple
I am surprised how it is the wonder to the eyes of men
But the pleasure is such of an unimaginable taste
As that of the wild honey for the dear tongue

How now if thou deliver the pleasure I seek
Else, I will have my throat slit with a piece of blade
And end my desire, all with the life of mine

I beg of thee, save me from the claws of death


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