Pledge for Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation is nothing more than a biological change in women’s body; nothing to be stereotyped, discriminated and looked down.
It’s everyone’s responsibility. 

My personal reasons why we tie the red ribbon on our right arm; support the right of women to be treated equally, no matter what. It also shows the right of every man to support this and pledge to be supportive irrespective of who and what you are. My perceptions may not be true to others but I would like to believe and support with my intuition and perspective.
Our strong cultural, traditional and religious belief treat it otherwise. While to some extent it is agreeable, especially on the religious ground (even though doesn’t give a strong basis), it’s time we break this silence and pledge to support Menstruation hygiene.

During my high school days, even it might have been the similar experiences that whenever a woman had a period, we would make sure that she is kept at a faraway place. Nobody would agree to sit together on the same bench, even the bench mate would deny to sit until it stops.
How would you have felt, if it was you, and I?
Unimaginable pain! It would have broken my heart beyond healing. And most of us, men, would have denied to come to school starting next day. But women, they are strong, even the strongest.
Besides excruciating pain already from the Menstrual period, she fights the discrimination, being looked down and being alienated. 

Were we not aware of supporting it? Yes! Were we not educated enough to understand the pain associated with it and not discriminate? Yes! Were there not enough awareness among the people? Yes.

But why is it still happening?

We don’t have anything that makes a strong basis. Everyone accepts that it has been the same those days that’s why it has to be the same because we are dealing with the same thing. No! I say no to this because things change, people change and our mindset must change. Change for the better and support women.

True that this discrimination to Menstruation isn’t just in Bhutan, it’s everywhere, infact the entire world, and everyone is fighting to break the silence. It’s an undeniable fact that a lot have been achieved and better changes are in the sleeves. When the rest of the world could do this, break the silence and support their women, why can’t we? Why can’t we support our own women? We can and we must, not because we pity them, and others are doing, but because Menstruation is just a biological change in their body and it doesn’t change anything.  It’s our mindset and mentality that have made all this differences and we must change our mindset.

Now how can we (especially men) pledge to support this?

It’s neither a big deal, nor a herculean task. Everyone, irrespective of age, profession, gender, ethnic group, nationality, religion, and diversity can do it. Lend and helping hand to your partner, sisters and friends, whoever is Menstruating. It can be shopping, cooking, household chores, feeding and preparing children to school, baby-sitting, laundry and many more.
And always ask, if you could do anything for her. As simple as that!
Everyone knows this but at times, we tend to forget things and give less or no consideration. No matter how intelligent and perfect a person is, constant reminder is always necessary.
I hope this simple writing will remind everyone.

P.S: I am not a health specialist, no leader, no commander, preacher and no one, but a common man, who support Menstrual Hygiene. You should too.


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