Monday, December 26, 2016

RIPPLES of DEMONETIZATION -We, the creator of our own Mess

'Indian Rupees (INR) are once again being illegally sold across the border. Both Bhutanese and Indian nationals in need of INR are paying between Nu 108-112 for INR 100.'
                                                                                                                   Source: Kuensel (December 26,2016)

Ever since the Demonetization of INR 500 and 1000 in India on November 8, Bhutanese people have been bearing the brunt of insufficient INR all these days, and it is going to happen for quite some time. The Royal Monetary Authority receives INR 130 million every week from India, but the figure is still too less. The demand has far exceeded the supply. 

RMA says that majority of the people coming to exchange INR are those going for pilgrimage in India and Nepal. And due to insufficient INR, RMA has come up with a lucky-dip idea where only limited number of people only gets to exchange. The worst of all, people gets into the Que near RMA's office as early as 2 am. Even the children are not spared. Parents also have been bringing their children so that their chances to get the admission inside the money counter is high. 

Isn't this a big shame on our mentality? Don't we have lots to learn?

It is very much agreed that we depend a lot to INR because we import more. We depend more to India, even for as small thing as Salt. It is very much agreed that INR is must for our daily well being and even survival is very difficult without INR, as we are much dependent on imports. But we could save ourselves from running into and getting victimized by lots of un-necessary commotions. 

Yes, that's well stated. We could save ourselves.  

Since when this pilgrimage has become necessary for us? It's a thing to wonder. I don't discourage anybody in going to pilgrimage. Infact I possess no right to do so. I am neither activist nor a bargain on anything, but this very small mentality worries a lot of us. Considering these very petty things, we forget a bigger picture and a more bigger concern. Health, for instance is a pressing issue for us all. As stated earlier, we very much depend on other countries and health facilities is one of them. A friend of mine has already delayed her medical treatment (surgery) in India because she can't avail INR that easily. 

How many more such cases might be pending, because we care less about others?

Bhutanese are very passionate pilgrimages, right? The Kuensel edition on December 26, 2016 reveals a story about Ngultrum Value falling in Phuntsholing. A 100 note of INR is being sold at 120 Ngultrum in Phuntsholing. This is a disturbing news. How far are we going to go on like this? Doesn't this tells a lot of story about our economy? Our carelessness? and our mentality? 

Bhutan is the Last Shangrilla  and The Last Buddhist kingdom.  We have heard, read, experienced and know it ourselves. Bhutan has enough sacred places, more sacred that what we think, enough to be the wonderful and satisfying site for pilgrimage. But, why it has been long forgotten? It's a big irony here that the world looks up to Bhutan for being so sacred and we,  flock down for pilgrimage. 

I fear that we are losing our own identity. 

And what good does it bring by getting INR illegally, serving black duties and going for pilgrimage? 

Chilli was the most talked matter a very few months back. People we literally crying for not getting chilli at the vegetable markets. The absence of the chilli was deeply moaned, and now it's the INR. I am wondering what surprise awaits next!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016



     This is a common questions when it comes to anything that affiliates to our grand culture - the unique identity of Bhutan. The unique culture and tradition is one of the many key factors Bhutan has been enjoying the fame of a Heaven epitome. And this trend will take Bhutan to eons of time bound. 

     What Bhutan didn't do, to keep this trend alive among our generations? And the effect has a long lasting impression in our mentality. Yes, each of us has a sacred duty as brand ambassadors to enhance and uphold this identity with pride. 

     But recently when BICMA disapproved the screening of the recent intentional HIT film by H.H Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpochhoe, Hema Hema: Sing Me Song While I Wait, produced by Pawo Chonyning Dorji, it created public outcry. Almost everyone is talking about Why! And the social media, the most active media in Bhutan is full of this question. 

     BICMA disapproved the screening of the film because it contains culturally inappropriate content. But I believe that the maker of the film, being no ordinary person would not have simply invested so much that it becomes inappropriate JUST for the Bhutanese people to watch it, when the world celebrates it as a MODEL

    And as everyone has the trust in the film, I as a commoner have much confidence that the film has a lot of messages for us all - message from the great Mind.

   Considering all these, the doubt comes in our mind instantly, 'Are we ignoring the greater cause just because it has a small loop? Or as most have pointed out, it is time we sit and talk about the very guidelines  to review the film. 

   This disapproval has further added flavour to the curiosity of the already curious people to watch the film. The film now seems more ambiguous to the public with the only authority reviewing the film disproving it for screening. 

   And the degree of public curiosity is increasing which and I believe people needs to be clarified.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Diamond on our Plate!

'While the price of a kilogram of chilli cost Rs. 40 to 50 in Phuntsholing, the price of a kilogram of chilli in Thimphu cost Nu. 300 to 400." A news reader in BBS reads. 

What do we learn from this?

The government banned the import of green chilli from Bengal in India in August. That was quite the move towards convincing people that vegetables with harmful pesticide is hazardous. And people understood that. Bravo! But it somehow added to the distress of the vegetable vendors in the country. It  added vile to their business. And somehow the ban was a boon for the local farmers. They got a pretty good market for their locally produced chilli. Justice to our own people! 

One of the many visions of our leaders is 'Self Sufficiency'  through organic farming. Our government and the relevant agencies are trying hard to make people understand that going organic is very crucial. And people seem to very much understand this. But at the same time, we feel that we are being robbed.

People were all smiles with the ban of green chilli from Bengal in India, excepting some disgruntle among the vendors. We got to eat our own farm produce, fresh and organic - no fear of pesticides. And this also created an idea to bring chaos and misunderstanding among our own people. From series of incidents we saw, we know one thing for sure that 'our people are opportunist!" In the sense that they make best use of unfavourable times. 

What we saw during the monsoon season was cabbies ferrying passengers with unreasonable fare - tripling the actual amount of fare. When that was the season our people needed them the most, a lot of them felt victim to the daylight robbery. Even RSTA had to penalize the ones caught. And now as the chilli season is about to meet its dreadful end, the price it fetches is skyrocketing - What nightmare is this?

Wait! Does this mean vendors fix their own price and we don't have anybody regulating them? The price of vegetable rising from 100/kg to 400/kg is not some jokes made by foolish people and consumed by foolish us! This is something to talk about! A lot has been talked and lot more frustration is being poured on this? These days whatever social media page you are on, it is always about the chilli price. When all of us are frustrated over this, there got to be something or somebody  talking on this. But sadly, we live in a society where  people don't bother much. 

But this is killing the commoner. Paying 400 for a kg of chilli is great deal for them and is beyond their capacity. 

However Agriculture department is exploring new market in Darjeeling and Sikkim in India to import green chilli, but what if the same fate is met? I guess we must not mind paying more or totally cut chilli out of the meals. 

         And amidst these misfortunes and hard times, we - the commoner always wait for better!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My thought on BBIN Agreement!

       BBIN Agreement, a much discussed issue in the recent two sessions of the parliament has invited a lot of criticism - both constructive and the otherwise. The Motor Vehicles Agreement for the regulation of Passenger and Cargo vehicular movement in the regions of Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal was signed last year by the government and marked the move in bringing in more vehicular movement in the country. 

       While lot many said it was a good move and initiative in boosting up and building the economy of the nation, many were not in the favour of the idea that it will bring in lots of chaos. The recent parliament had a thorough discussion on this and the national Council in particular refrained from ratifying the Motor Vehicles Agreement for the regulation of Passenger and Cargo vehicular movement. The National Council was firm with the decision that the government didn't do comprehensive consultation with the relevant stakeholders before signing the agreement. 

       Pointed out right because as far as every citizen is concerned, the terms regarding the BBIN agreement was thoroughly out poured to the people through various source but people were not consulted on the pros and cons of the agreement. The people and the relevant stakeholders were not involved in the decision. The decision of the government to sign the agreement brought about a lot of pleas and cries from the concerned   authorities and individual, particularly the truck and cab owners that the move will definitely intervene in their business in ferrying passenger (regional tourists in particular) and load. All the possible media covered the story but it didn't change the mind of the government. 

      Finally, the much pain of the people were knotted into the agreement!

      The recent denial of the NC in ratifying the agreement somehow was a balm on the wound. It somehow removed the stain of doubt and worries our concern agencies and individuals were carrying for quite sometime.  And I believe that this is for the greater cause and the greater need of the people. 

       Men at the Service of the Public!

    From a commoner's perspectives, the BBIN agreement was for the good of the people and economy of the country, but more than the goodness it promised, it infact has a lot of disadvantages in package. 

       Considering a large figure in the import of vehicles in the country, the Government raised the tax for car imports. Infact it is very surprising that a very high tax is levied for the import of any vehicle in a very poor and developing economy of the country. This sent lot of people wanting to buy a car back home. As long as this 100% tax exists, a commoner's dream to own a car is impossible. And this was much respected and appreciated by all the people and infact the people outside, because out government was very concerned about the environmental pollution. But, the very agreement that will allow more vehicular movement and the 100% tax levied to our own people for buying a car doesn't correlate. This simply doesn't define any justice to our people. 

       Bhutan uphold its pride of being a carbon Negative country and the 100% tax is a means of limiting the imports of cars.  Justified move in maintain that pride! And the recent uproar in the parliament  was because they were less convinced that the vehicles of the rest of the countries is never a threat to the environment and security of the nation. I am pretty moved by the MP's statement about the 100% tax ruining a common man's dream to own a car and letting others roam in our land. 

       What a concern!

       Above all, people are still crossing their fingers that good will come out and there will be justice in the land of peace. And a lot of appreciation to our farsighted leaders who always gave a second thought for the well beings of the people and the Nation as a whole!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flux of Bhutanese Politics

For the love of Writting!
       Considering the time period Bhutanese politics has come into the limelight and into the lives of people, it hasn't been a long time. In other word, Bhutanese democracy is the youngest in the world with just two parliamentary elections so far. If it has to be compared to a child, it is so tender and so innocent in its outlook. But the maturity our politicians has gained over the years is worth the praise from  heaven. They are so well versed with the politics in the politics. An eight year old boy would not fathom anything about himself thus far as our politicians/parties takes us through. 

       Our farsighted king, the legendary face in the world, the only savior Bhutan would not afford to lose, the one and only Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck, against the WILL of people instituted democracy in 2008. It is the most valuable gift no King would have bestowed upon his people thus far, and there would not arise one hereon. His only worry was that his people should not suffer anytime.  We thank him immensely and beyond our words. 

        But everyone asks this same question time and again, 'Are we being led in the right way?'

        Just in eight years, after just two parliamentary elections, people are already facing the flux of what we call 'dirty politics'.  I am no great soul and any renown critic to point out anything here, but just a 'simple view' from a frustrated commoner, who cares. 

       Now as you see, there were lot of commotions during the first ever parliamentary elections in 2008 with just two political parties, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and People's Democratic Party. In spite of repeated familiarization program by ECB on politics, voting and lot other issues, people were less convinced what democracy is and what party and voting is.  This in fact turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the parties - much more for the party that won. Opposition had just two seats, yet they proved the strength of Unity.

       Five years wasn't much time for people as well as for the parties. By then people were well versed with all the democracy business. The competition was tough in the second parliamentary elections. 

       While it is quite normal that there is both happy face and disgruntle among the people on the services delivered by the parties, the recent time has seen a lot of unusual trend in the politics, both in the ruling and opposition. Well, starting with the resignation of the candidates, the then president of the Opposition Jigme Y. Thinley resigned from serving his people, leaving thousands of his constituency people in disgrace. Well, that was just the beginning. 

       Then came the resignation of the then education minister which resulted in the appointment of a new minister. While rumours have it that these changes are intrigued by a  secret  motive in the party, truth hasn't been known by any. Most probably the resignation of the then Opposition leader might have set an unwise example that a lot has been happening lately. 

       The recent situation in the North-Thimphu constituency has resulted in public outcry. It is the much talked issue. The resignation of North-Thimphu MP Kinga Tshering has not only invited public outcry, but it has also made it to the headlines and issues on social medias. While the party members are not happy with his resignation, people in the constituency are frustrated because of the fact that the candidate put his benefit before his people's. To fill the post, a by-election has to be conducted and Chencho Nidup stood up to contest for the vacant post. But sadly, not many days later, he decided not to contest in the by-election. Chencho didn't want to mix politic and religion as per his mother's bidding, which was very lame again.  That further disheartened the supporters and more importantly the North-Thimphu constituency. This again invited lots of criticism and some even stated that DPT has finally found a playground.

       If just eight  years of democracy has given so much, people are not very much optimistic about good times that will befall us. 

Thank you for your time. Visit me again!!!

Monday, August 29, 2016


If my verse must speak of my crush upon you
O, the mighty glamour to whom the world seeks
The grains of Earth shall not suffice thy praise
Nor the drops of blue carpet that lies in plenty

But only one unpretentious beat in the heart
Shall feel the crimson power of my Love
Which shall never fade, even if the dark art
Wipes out the earth to the last grain

But the truth shall linger with every rebirth
Of my soul, which will breath with just one name
Of a woman who with all the bliss has conquered all
The one that bears a great name of heaven

Who has the soul fearless, that of a tiger
And who shall rule my heart eternally
Who cares, what wrath halt my ways unto thee?
All I see is the smile of elixir at my arms reach

Who cares what hell would stand my way unto you?
When I desire is the nectar of thy bosom
Even if the forces of nature break my way
I shall deliver myself upon the cozy bench of mine

The one without whom I shall never learn to exist
Till my last breath gives way, I shall crawl,
Even if I have to bear the death retribution
O the darling bud of Spring, the mate of my soul

Thursday, August 25, 2016

To the Smile of Elixir

Never in my life such a lass have I seen
Like one such I behold in you, O friend
Rage stands no meaning on the plain of thine eyes
Nor on the glittering joy of your face
Thy face of moon when no dust defy
If I must trail you with my verse
Till to the toe from the dark cascade 
Shall I begin my praise, but from heart
None will fear the face, even if in rage
It is but the moon that glitters joy
A pair of dark pearl rest on it with peace
Even the spears shall foam down in flowers
As you sound the melody of a furious one
The hum of Nile stands no comparison with your song
And falcons droop with shame to hear you
One that will dare to touch you through lips
Till he feels the tiny vales betwixt thy breast
One who dares to excite you with a touch
He'll will be no fool, but one you have dreamt for long
A knight from the far East, who hath for you rode
If you know not, of what thou are made
Hark hither! For I tell thee, thou art an angel
No lesser to one to whom men bow low on knees
One no men shall dare to meet their eyes, no one
But one that descends from a great name of gallantry
Shall wed this Lass, with the name of greatness
For thou art one priceless, no man can afford to lose

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chayku - Meaning Analysis

Feeling empathy for the weak and oppressed, your great compassion often makes you seek to be at service for others.

Able to give comfort to those who need it, you often offer a shoulder on which to cry on. To discover your full potential develop the necessary tools to be truly useful to others, rather than simply being an attentive ear. Truly listening to what is said is a far greater skill than many realize. Your natural balance has all the qualities to support others in moments of trial.

It happens often that you fill the void left by others, because you have tendency to feel responsible. Helping often comes at the price of personal sacrifices. At times the resulting work load may feel overwhelming. But the love and affection you get is a well-deserved reward. Nevertheless your benevolence runs a risk of being abused.

So keep that in mind. Constantly trying to maintain harmony within the family or creating balance in a group of friends. You seek marriage and can often be a wonderful parent, providing warmth, protection and understanding for children. This path is generous, kind and often attractive, because of the warmth it radiates. People often admire or even worship you which can sometimes leave you perplexed. Your personality is humble, but at the same time inhabited by a deep sense of pride. High standards are good, but watch out for having excess requirements, because of your idealism or perfectionism. Be careful not to constantly seek perfection in the different areas of your life. Nothing can be truly perfect.
Idealizing people runs a risk of being disappointed later. This constant search for perfection can also lead to indecision and doubt. In your younger years be careful to not choose partners for the wrong reasons. Do not let people influence you on a emotional level, this will only lead to decisions made for the wrong reasons. There is temptation and danger for you thinking of yourself as the bearer of burdens.

This number often has natural talent for music, but also talent in the visual or performing arts. However this creativity can be lost, because of your desire for sacrifice or you inability to fully appreciate these talents. This does not mean that you cannot shine in these areas. On the contrary, you have the talent and with effort it is possible to find success in a number of artistic fields. You may also find talent in areas of business. But it must be related to you charm and charisma, that you can effectively use to attract people to support your needs. The other occupations that offer a good potential for success are found primarily in the areas of healing, teaching, hospitality, government institutions, and anything related to animals.


How I see Social Media

    Ever since the introduction of internet in Bhutan in the year 1999 with the first internet provider DrukNet, Bhutan unlike other countries has seen tremendous advancement in the frequency the internet is being used by the people. This tiny thread has brought everything before us. It brought the world closer. With the internet, people felt that we live next door to  mighty America. Thimphu became the first place to have internet access and slowly the access reached Phuntsholing and Trashigang as well. 

     There used to be days when our grandparents felt that it was some kind of magic that we could see what's happening in the other part of the world. And even to this day, their admiration for the network is so unimaginable. Video calling is one thing that shock them, while it is but a very normal thing for the youngsters. This shows the advancement internet has made so far. And who do not know what internet is today? And very soon, this could be the first word that the newborn might speak out, and it wouldn't be any wonder still, because internet has become a part of our life. 

     And with it has made the social media one of the most talked subject of the era. It has become a talk of all levels - public, kids, teens, elite, educated, politics, irrespective of gender and status, social media, Facebook in particular has become one thing that a person can't live without. Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, initially founded in 2003 on October 28 by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Havard University student Eduardo Saverin. And initially, it was limited just to the Havard University. But now it has become one of the biggest website in the world. 

     It is still not clear about how Facebook came into this small landlocked kingdom, but today almost every Bhutanese people has a great relationship with this social networking site. And it becomes a very confident statement that whoever has internet access, they own at least one Facebook account. It doesn't really matter where they stay and who they are, but Facebook has become a biggest change in everyone's life today. Office goers, the first thing they do upon reaching their office is 'open Facebook'. Be it students, they keep themselves busy with Facebook on their phones. It is the same case with the housewives, excepting the illiterate ones and of course the old people. They have the least idea about what Facebook is, but they still are active on other sites. Wechat is one popular app used by all ranges of people. Now considering the age and the innocent nature of kids, they deserved a well nurturing time with their parents and sibling, but they too have found out a way to be together with - Facebook.  And the recent fashion has it that politicians also manage their own official Facebook account/page. Figuratively, the trend has been very encouraging, considering the fact that almost everyone is very much active on social media, particularly on Facebook and Wechat.

     Social media has been very helpful in disseminating the news and information. It has become the fastest way of sharing and gathering information. Bhutanese people don't have to worry about not knowing anything all because they are active on Facebook and Wechat. While lot some use Facebook and Wechat in the most efficient and positive way, there are also people who tend to misuse it. And at times, it has become very risky to share information on Facebook. While we believe that we use it in the most friendly way and to the fullest, we somehow tend to neglect the norms and breach the terms knowingly or unknowingly. This has been one lesson our concern authorities have been trying to convince people to use social media in the right manner.

      The recent time has been a lot of hassle and some even made it up on the national headlines.  Lots of accusations, cases and fightback, Facebook overflowed with just one talk - Justice. While in the past there has been so many cases of social media being misused, the recent defamation case put up by a business man against an Independent journalist will be remembered by all. Use of wechat also made it to the National Headlines for unlawful sharing of sensual videos. Few who were caught were also punished according to the terms of the Penal Code of Bhutan. The necessary actions taken by the concerned authority somehow brought an end to the wild influences people were upto. While people did it for fun, they were unaware of the fact that they were committing crime by sharing sensual videos. Well, people were at least made aware of such Law that forbids the act.  A defamation case for sharing a story by an independent journalist invited public uproar. Nation was informed about it. There wasn't a soul who wasn't informed about the case. Almost all the people who heard about the case stood by her, and supported her because all of them have just one thing on their lips - people's right to information and freedom of speech, opinion and expression which is stated clear in Article 7 of the Bhutanese Constitution.

      From this we can deduce how powerful and fast social media can be. And I believe there might be a time when everything is done through social media. If used in the right manner, social media can be an ocean of knowledge, but misusing it will let us drown in its depth. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Dear Son

Dear son
             The day you showed yourself into this beautiful world is the happiest day of my life. I can't compare and remember any other days that was as happy as the day you were born. You brought all the happiness possible from the pace of your creator and bestowed upon me. You are the apple of my eye. You are and will remain the most expense gift ever that this life gave me and you will always be the closest person in my heart.
             Honestly, I did have lots of worries prior to your enter to my heart. I worried for your mother who took all the pain to carry you for more than nine months. Since the first month of your conceive, she has the worst nightmares ever. She could not sleep properly for the whole journey of her pregnancy.  She would wake up suddenly every night because of the sickness. She could not eat and drink well. She could not do her work. We even had to go to hospital several times because she had the worst morning sickness. You have to understand all these. I as your father didn't have much to do. I wished I could share her pain but it was just out of my reach. You have to understand all these that your mother, with so much hardship, even risking her life, brought you to this earth. You owe her a lot - in fact your life. 
               Son, you also have to understand that life is not as easy as one thinks. It's more than that, but remember it is in your hand to create memories in it. It depends on your will, whether to make it beautiful or leave it the way it is. You are your own creator. You can become whatever you wish to become. Believe me, life was hard for me too. I toiled in the woods, climbed the terrain, crossed the valleys, slept in the cowshed, fell down uncountable times, starved and suffered, but I managed to fight all the odds of hardship and somehow managed to anchor the ship in a safe place. These are all before I met your mother. 

               Your mother and I had a very strange affair. I liked her in our first encounter but she was not very sure about loving me back. She was young bud of Spring - gentle and charismatic, lovely and cute. I loved her, but my status was all that I feared for. I was poor, and so were my parents. Comes from a very simple but they are humble. Let me be honest, I am kind and good at heart. Your mother didn't care how I looked, but all she cared was how I was. She loved me too. She spent lots of years in isolation. Didn't listen to anybody who said bad about me. She was never judgmental about where I came from. All that mattered to her was that I am a gentle and a humble man. There were times when people whom we never knew, the so called anonymous would create a Tug of War. They interfered, many of them whom I can't name. Created all the mess that wouldn't ease the cut, but we somehow overcame all those odds and now we have anchored here, at the safe place. We are thankful to ourselves for being true to each other.

              Son, when I say 'safe place' don't consider it to the fullest meaning. If I have to name a place unsafe for us, it is this world. We made it anyways and I don't put the blame on anyone. But as long as you are with us, as long as you stick with the morale doings, you are safe. And I have all the faith on you, because you are one such person that defies the plain meaning of ordinary. You are one man in this entire world that keeps me awake. Now you turn 3 months, and I already see a great being come to me. You show us all the signs that you are someone who will become a great human being. I trust the way you are and I believe in you. No wonder what and how, you won't let us down. And some day when you read this, you will realize how grateful I am to be your father. We spend sleepless night just to make you feel the comfort, just to keep you safe. Whatever we do, it's just for you and yourself, because we want to see you grow into a good man with good heart. Believe us, we have all the joy to have you that nobody could and nobody can give.

              Dear, I have seen the world and it is the most beautiful place, I say. And twenty years from now, I see a completely different world. And believe me, you will be one among the millions. By then, you will have grown and become the man yourself, and I, an old grownup dad. I have seen people, who abandon their parents, who  do the un-doable and who speak the unspeakable. I hope that you won't be one such man. And like every parents do, I will live with hopes in my heart that you will be there to pick my fallen staff, you will be there to comfort me when I break down and when I am sad. I will breathe with this hope that you will be by our side, when we need you the most. We will live with the best hopes and expectation from you, and son, don't let us down.

             Son, make yourself the best man as possible, so that everyday, you live with the smiles all around you.

With Love
Your Dad

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Wise Friend

So long the whiskers on your muzzle have grown
From beneath, but you always grin young
The coat of your eyes hath not from last summer stretched
Those pair of green moon doth it always hide
Which till the next beginning it shan't make a leap
I need no thoughts to pen down my verse
About one which I carefully chose from all
One fool might have mistaken the Gem
Whose jaw but never rest in silence 
Who left but no man un-laughed
Who along with joy all the days lived full
But a day will chariot on its fledged wings
To voice to the ears, all that was true
So soft, as though it is the drop of wild honey
And cry they name to crown the silent world
'O, wise friend, with coffer of joy one is made'
I ordain you on the knoll, and this announce
That thou art one best man cub I watched grow
To a most charismatic friend I have ever known
Who once an old fool lose, one such of a priceless
I take no resemblance to Macbeth you say
Not that John with beard, who 'The Flea' wrote
Not even Keats, who very well hath those Odes versed
But a common hand verse the joy upon a friend as YOU

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Disaster - a greener pasture for Cabbies

          With the beginning of the new year (fire male monkey year) 2016, our country has been facing series of natural calamities which most were far beyond human control. The forest fire - it hit the national headlines with thousands of acres of forest being destroyed in a wink of time. But thanks to our great leaders. Their leadership was enough inspiration for our people to unit and combat any mishaps.  Bhutan lost a large forest cover to fire, however, with all the possible help and support from the police, army personnel, Dessups and public, the destruction could be minimized.

        And now, with the season ripening to a harsh summer, our darling country is going through rough times. With incessant rainfall, rivers are raging through the delicate valleys. Most parts of the country faced series of roadblocks, floods and landslides. Students took all the risks to report to the schools and Colleges. Patients had to be carried on the back through rough and unfriendly weather. But thanks to our father, our savior and the godfather, our king has been personally assessing and visiting the affected sites and monitoring the situations. Despite the worse monsoon, not many human casualties reported. No doubt, Bhutan is in the safe hands. And we take pride to have our king at the forefront of all the dangers. 

          But how sad it is that this rough time has given a lot of good times for some group of people. 

         The recent headlines in the medias has really upset whole lot of people. Even our prime minister has been so concerned with the move taken by some cab owners, especially in Thimphu and Phuntsholing.  When our people need them, when it is the time we come together and unite, it is disheartening that they have already taken advantage of the situations. From the recent reports by BBS, most of the Taxi operators in Thimphu has increased the fare by three folds to reach Phuntsholing. When the actual fare is just Nu. 500, they now demand Nu. 1500. 

       What kind of humanity is this? What kind of people are we? And what kind of motive are we driven with?

         Even though there were reports of unchanging price of vegetables in Thimphu, there were few cases where the price of chilli was increased from Nu. 40/kg to Nu.150/kg. People were helpless, they didn't have a choice with the chilli from India being banned. Loads of bad times came together, and we had no alternatives, but to digest.

         I find this very ruthless and disturbing. It is infact the saddest incidents that we are confronted with today. We agree and admit that most of the cab operators volunteer during the special occasion to pick and drop people for free. Did these same people come into the play? There's a lot of thing we need to ask ourselves before doing anything. 

          We live in a very small society. We are so small that we know each other so well. We need each other, but why this big play when we need each other the most? These are not millionaires traveling down, they are students. We agree that it's okay to increase the fare, because considering the danger and the difficulties, it looks authentic. But increasing by three folds. this is a daylight robbery!!! 
           And now we live in a situation where our own people rob us. How sad it looks!!!

         Anyways, big thanks to RSTA. They are confronting this serious sickness in our mentality. They have understood this as a wrong-doing and come to the rescue of the commoner. They stand behind us and we believe in them. What we do is just a simple call to the RSTA office and report the Cab Reg. number. We can't be treated this way, especially in the bad times. And it's time we fight against this injustice. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Your Woman can be Nut at times.

       And finally, I am writing this; not as any offence to anybody, but as a personal experience through life with this so called Relationship. Something we tend to be very much calculative as time passes.
       I wonder if all the people (those in relationship and marriage, and preferably Guys) might be feeling the same thing that their woman can be nut sometime. Because most the one I spoke to and I know somehow have this same kind of things inside them, but locked with the lock of fear to expose it out. I believe that might be because they might be treasuring their better half godly or t might be because they are sacred from that feminism that will outburst at them any time. 

       Now, the one thing that really push me through lot of thinking and ruminating is the fact that Guys are always a loser. Believe me, we don't have justice. Nowhere and with nobody. You act wild with your woman, and you are fired. That's fine, but your woman acts wild and you pay the price? This is insanity. If you come across a man abusing his woman, everyone will be at her side and you too. The guy doesn't have anyone at his side. People talk bad of him and he becomes a trouble for the people, even to their eyes. On the other hand, the woman abuse a man, acts weird and has all the fault, but again ends up being all alone bearing the fault and not being good with the woman. This is the treatment men goes through in the society.

       And how about that case when a man has to pay huge alimony to her wife for a divorce all because the wife was at fault? And men don't get all the share of things at home. 
        Where is the justice?
       As I was saying in the beginning, there isn't justice anywhere. And may be this might be all the supporting factors women become Tough! 
       At the begining of the relationship, each party has genuine feelings for one another. They feel no force on earth can part them. But as time passes, each one feel that they are trapped.
      What feeling is this?
      She has to win all the games, she has to boss over everything, she has to lead everything, she has to be the master of all, and most of all, she has to be  YOUR BOSS!!! After all, men don't have the rights to do anything.  

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fancy Naming - Evolving trend in Bhutan

       'Are you a parent, a guardian, brother and sister to any newborn in your family?' Because I have a very interesting thing to talk about the trend that has been sweeping our people in the recent time; giving a fancy name to the new born.

       Even if you are not, it isn't any big matter, but you might have come across this trend of giving a fancy name to our child. It has in a way become a fashion in our place. If the name sounds very much normal, parent become very reluctant to name their child. And some also goes to the extent of taking years to think of a good name. This is fact!

       If we look back to our history, the names of our forefathers sounds rather weird. Some of the names sounds as if they are no names of people and rather of animals, rocks and trees. Tawmo for instance - this is a name of an old woman I know. Banthala is another one and Churpu,  these sounds weird and some names even brings goose bumps. But whatever the names people were called with, they look very common and ordinary.

       But change is the only permanent thing.

       You see, kids today laugh to hear the names of the people in those times. They find it amusing, while it has been a serious matter to those people. And it is just a complete contradiction with the old people who are still alive today.

       'What's the big deal with your name?' This is a common question old people ask their grand children today. They find if amusing too, which is but very much normal to the kids today.

       Kids born today are very lucky. They have all the extravagance of their life; starting from their bountiful names, because they would have lots of names. The fashion in which the names are being named is the most interesting part. As soon as the baby is born, they have a their pet name. Booboo, Bambam, Popo, Koko, these are the common names for a baby boy, the most common being Booboo. And what about the girl? It's more funny - Pooku, Lolo, Tukoo, Mukoo. 

       For god's sake, where do parent get these names form?

       This is stage 1 of naming and this remains their pet name. Parents are always in search of a name for their child. And this is every parent's belief that a child must have a Religious name

       Seriously!!! Those people didn't any of this mess and they still did fine. I don't know what this name has to do with our lives. Anyways, parents are always in search of a name - of course a fancy one. Believe me, we are in an era, where plain isn't anybody's choice. As a result, they take their kids to Lamas, for a name. 

       And parents are caught in dilemma and conflict, if they don't get a name up to their expectation. The instances where parents are content with the names are very less because all Lamas aren't fancy enough to think about the fanciest name and they don't have all the time.  Stage 2 is the conflict most parents go through.

       Now, what do they do if they are not contented with the name given by the Lama? Very simple - they coin all the fancy names and name their child. If this is the case, why do parent go to Lamas in the first place?

       'Confusing?' I know. It very much is. But the fact is, name has nothing to do with anything. It is our mentality that is making all this happen; the differences, the good and bad in the appearance of one's name. And who knows, this might lead to the undermining and stigmatizing the ones with not so good names.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

An Unknown Woman

I don’t know why it is so hard for us to believe something; Not all, but those small fragments in the eyes and the words of the one we trust. Or better, the one we love. This place we live in has become so fragile. More than the word itself can explain and define. But our heart, the human’s, it’s more fragile than it appears to be.
Yes, that’s right. I see it in the eyes of all, and more precisely, in the eyes of one I love. The sense of trust and believe was far beyond the reach of her eyes. She believed the person she never once in her life met, and refused to accept the one she has loved for decades. Accepting me was like accepting a cold stab in her heart.
It breached the trust in between us. The bond we have built up with so much pain and vulnerability, it is no where. And our relation has become more vulnerable and it’s so much in stake. I still can’t explain how it happened in a glint of time. Just a call from an unknown person has ruined us both, and each day, we are going apart. I don’t know when we will be completely shut from each others sight. 

Oh! That must be fear, for a good description, for precise reasoning. But why from the one we consider everything? This is pretty not understandable. I can't really get this. 

So, she never believed what I said. She didn't see those truth in my eyes. It was all veiled by her guts to believe some other soul; she never knew.And I laid down, shivering my nerves out, not able to find a good way to make her believe that everything I was saying was truth. Surely, I felt those hard drops through my face. Frustration can sometimes kill people and it nearly killed me. I wanted to dig the truth  and show it on my hand, like a mold of damp cake. But that was completely impossible and I went blank.

Honestly, the way she behaved deserved a couple times of good slap on her face. She nearly deserved to be shot - right between her eyebrows. And the soul- a cruel and cunning one, who stroked her with cold stab in her heart truly deserved to be hanged. I was already seeing her head dumped in a pit fed by worms - UN-noticed, even by dogs. That was the extent of my anger and frustration. But that is not what a real man does. And I couldn't keep away that manly consciousness from me, just because I was ridden by frustration and her unwillingness to accept the truth. Eventually, I had to console myself, because no one did.

I never acted hard on my woman. So, she turned out to be a lucky girl that day and I had to believe in myself. Anyways, I didn't really care what she thought, because I knew the truth and the truth was clear and white. 

I wanted to walk out to unknown, to a far away place where no body bothered me. Where no body cared for me. That would have been like entering into the realm of peace -away from the bothering world of humans, and away from the jealous souls.  But as a man, I didn't dare to walk out, keeping a crying and pain stricken woman behind. I didn't dare to fight a war by myself, because I was UN-armed without her, I was incomplete without her, and because, whatsoever, after all, she was my woman. Somebody I chose to be with. 
And I waited for her favour - to understand the truth and to be the girl she is. Yet, the pain she hid in my heart was undeserved one, atleast by a faithful man like me

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Writing - a can't be profession in Bhutan.

     At this time around, writers in Bhutan are thriving. All thanks to the role model , the one and only respected and inspiational Her Majesty Azhi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck and Kunzang Choden. If you have gone through the writings, you can really see how words are crafted to fit along each other.              They are like jigsaw slices. And omission of a word will destroy all. Such is the significant of each word in their writings. 
     Our profound Respect and salute!!!
    Over the years, their trails have been followed so well and very wisely, by thriving writers of our times. Lots of people have adopted blogging. We have very famous bloggers. And poets, they are plenty in here. Perhaps, the serenity of our place and the uniqueness we are savouring are inspiring them into becoming one. 
     All in all, Bhutan is enjoying a completely changed period with so many young bloods venturing into writing. But, we are at the same time living on the very sad face of our society - the poor readership. 
     It might be very early for me to comment this that no writer in Bhutan can make this a profession, but this very short period of my writing adventure (not as profession) through writing hasn't been very welcoming and inspiring. And I believe many are facing this same issue.
     'My poems are left stacked in the folder of my computer.' I still remember my friend say this. A very well versed writer whose passion runs through the streams of his blood vessels. he doesn't need anything special for an inspiration. Even the sun setting to the west will make him sit at the corner of some bush and write about it. Such is the passion in him, yet his write ups are left out, just like that. And nothing special. 
     Writing is my breath. It truely is. Piles of poems are left stacked in the files. I don't know where they are now. Perhaps, the mice and the rats would have had a good companion. 
     Nobody is interested to read poems. 
     If any attempt, to make writing a profession in here can be a big disaster. doesn't matter how good the book or any write ups are, you don't have keen readers.  Well, they are all into the latest gadgets and technologies. It is very sad to see that a four year old child can operate any complicated android phone and can't read a word (even if taught). They simply refuse to do anything that affiliates with paper and pen. 
     This is the society we are living in - and infact a very naked truth. 

    "People write because it is their passion, but nobody cares what you write."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Do we have Work Manner?

     As far as I am concerned, civil servants, before they join the office take oath to serve people. Irrespective of the nature of services and the status of those who need the service, the first priority is service to people. 
     And the moment we sit on our chair, it's time we think if we are really doing justice to ourselves. Because, we might at times misunderstand our RESPONSIBILITIES as otherwise. I put RESPONSIBILITIES in BOLD because it looks like lot of people don't take it very seriously. 
     I write this because the incident that confronted me the day I went to DID for a work (of my friend) really disheartened me. And I believe many are facing the similar problem with the people who are responsible to serve others in need. 
      It was my second time in the office because I didn't have all the documents required for the work the first time I went. It wasn't much of a work though. I just had to get the mother's detail of my friend updated. 
     I needed to get the documents verified by the Gup saying that my friend is an illegitimate son of the mother whose detail I had to get updated. That's atleast what the chief of the department instructed me the first day. Well, I had to get it done, because no one would be willing enough to work on something that doesn't have any evidence. Or at least that doesn't have all the documents necessary. 
     Took me a couple of days. You know how things work!!!
     So, with all the documents verified by the Mangmi and the Tshogpa  of the geog, I went to the office for my friend needed to get the work done sooner enough. To my utter dismay, the chief wasn't in the office, so I consulted the ICT officer. She was kind enough to go through the documents. She left everything aside and did my work. THUMPS UP!! I liked the way she responded to my need. Not just me, everyone would have. So, she went through all the documents and did whatever was possible and forwarded the documents to another officer inside. 
     With due respect, I approached her and explained everything. She went through the forward note by the ICT officer and gave back all the papers except the one written and signed by the Mangmi and Tsogpa. 
     "What is your name?" She asked me, with her face to the computer. I promptly responded her. She didn't say a word, and read the concern letter from the geog again. 
     " I don't see your name here" she said with a bit of negligence in her tone. I was surprised. Totally taken aback, I showed the CID copy of my friend and made myself clear that I was just working for my friend. She wasn't convinced. I gave the authorization letter which had my CID number against my name. She preferred to remain silent for quite sometime, then typed the CID number.
     "I don't get this" she said again. 
And how would she get? She was searching the data with my CID number. That was something to be laughed at. Seriously!!!
     The authorization letter clearly states that I was just an authorized person to do his work, and she said I am not ********* (name of my friend).
     Holy crap!!! Can anybody be this ignorant? I am not questioning her ability. Never I would do anything of this kind. The fact that she works in a big office itself is an evidence enough for any doubt on her ability to execute any work, but how can one be so careless on the desk we are paid to work?
     "Ma'am, would you mind going through the authorization letter first?  Looks like ma'am didn't read all of it." I said, and everybody around could feel my voice tremble.
       She didn't say a word and went through the letter. As expected, she came up with another excuse.
     "No, you don't have all the documents necessary for the updation of the mother's detail of your friend. I can't help. I didn't say a word. "The concern letter from the Mangmi and Tshogpa needs to be verified by the Dzongkhag authorities." She said in such a plain words. She was too bossy over me.
     "Silly bureaucrat!" I thought because she wasn't at all interested in doing the work. Why occupy the space if she wasn't interested in the first place.
     "Ma'am, if you could excuse me, the letter and the documents are already verified by the concerned. I got this concern letter as per the instruction given by your chief. He didn't mention about any verification from the Dzongkhag. He just mentioned the letter from the geog, that's all." I said and literally shouted back. "And moreover, the letter is verified by the concerned officer before you, so it should be easy for you to just enter the details of his mother."
      What right did she have over her chief? Seriously, where's the justice?
      Meanwhile, the ICT officer overheard our conversation and came over. Atleast she was the one lady in the office whom I found sincere with her work.
     "I verified the documents and also it is his second time coming here, and he has brought the documents as per the chief's instruction. You just need to update the mother's detail. That's it." The ICT officer intervened.
     "I don't understand!" She grumbled. Well, that didn't bother me. That was the treatment she deserved.
      After much deliberation on the computer, she finally looked like an honest officer.
    "I think I am done with the work. Tell your friend that it is done" she said with a tone of politeness.
      "So, that's it then, ma'am? I made myself sure that the work was done.
      "Yes, yes. You may leave now."

     I thanked her and left the office with my face still blushing. And atleast I did something she didn't deserve. She did't deserve to be thanked.

     If this is something everybody is being confronted with, in any office, we just have to do one thing. Make them do the work, infront of you. And I believe that many are facing this same problems everywhere. The confrontation from the bureaucrats is such a mess in a small community like ours that the services are mistaken for a big personal favour. Believe me, nobody is doing any favour. Everyone in the office work for public in which they are PAID in return. Nobody works for free!!! So, it is time we think and ruminate, 'ARE WE REALLY SERVING OUR PUBLIC?'

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chasing Dreams

I still remember those days when I used to get a lot of beatings in the class. English lessons used to be MONSTER, for all I cared. And you know what? Grammar is another headache. At the end of the year, you don't know what you have learnt. So, that was the impression English gives us, I mean most of us.
But I had less thought that this very thing I hated the most would become the source of my bread. 

I don't read much books but the ones I read were really my source of inspiration. Because I say literature is something that no one can deny. 
I don't use to write before until the first day of my college. I had a crush with a girl in my class. I waited for the perfect day to say 'I LOVE YOU' because I was quite timid and I don't get admired very easily. That's why!

But by the time I was ready, she was already owned - by one of the senior guys. That was enough blow on my timidness. SHAME on ME! 
So, that was a Looser me! I didn't have enough reasons to blame anyone, so I had to stay strong. Nevertheless, I found a way to calm myself down - Poem. I wrote my first poem since the day I lose her. 
Since then, writing became my passion and I had a dream that one day I would write a book. 
But, unless you are a professional writer, writing isn't a cup of tea. That's why, it took me long time to think about the subject. 
I researched on internet on tips of writing, asked friends, consulted my lecturers and professors. It took me a long time already, but I saw myself working on a Drama.

Romance was the most prominent subjects during those days, and I was deep into it already. I thought writing something on Romance would be good. I started working on the Drama ' Tsedung.' I believed it was a good start, but didn't end well. My first project didn't get much support from the peers. They were less interested. I was discouraged and I gave up. Very simply!

But that was not the end. 

After graduation, I had a good chance to work in Thailand as English teacher in a College. It was a good privilege for a very less informed and less seen boy from the village. The two years experience gave a good way into writing. Thus, I began working on my second project, Chasing Dreams; an absurd journey.  

Writing the book was a good experience till the last phase of the making of the book. I wasn't very optimistic about getting it published but it happened. Still feels like a dream. 

And finally, it's here, as I once dreamt to write a book.  It took a lot of hard works of my friends and myself. The making of the book took away lot of their precious times. And my editor Dukpa, he suffered a lot. He would not have slept well. My big gratitude to him. And Yangbum publisher in Thimphu rendered me all the necessary support in making of this book. My immense gratification. 

This book will take the readers through a journey of finding happiness and going after the dreams we dream. The readers will also be able to experience the dramatic conflicts the protagonist encounters on the way to his dreams. Finally, the protagonist will realize that he has left all the dreams in his own place.