Your Woman can be Nut at times.

       And finally, I am writing this; not as any offence to anybody, but as a personal experience through life with this so called Relationship. Something we tend to be very much calculative as time passes.
       I wonder if all the people (those in relationship and marriage, and preferably Guys) might be feeling the same thing that their woman can be nut sometime. Because most the one I spoke to and I know somehow have this same kind of things inside them, but locked with the lock of fear to expose it out. I believe that might be because they might be treasuring their better half godly or t might be because they are sacred from that feminism that will outburst at them any time. 

       Now, the one thing that really push me through lot of thinking and ruminating is the fact that Guys are always a loser. Believe me, we don't have justice. Nowhere and with nobody. You act wild with your woman, and you are fired. That's fine, but your woman acts wild and you pay the price? This is insanity. If you come across a man abusing his woman, everyone will be at her side and you too. The guy doesn't have anyone at his side. People talk bad of him and he becomes a trouble for the people, even to their eyes. On the other hand, the woman abuse a man, acts weird and has all the fault, but again ends up being all alone bearing the fault and not being good with the woman. This is the treatment men goes through in the society.

       And how about that case when a man has to pay huge alimony to her wife for a divorce all because the wife was at fault? And men don't get all the share of things at home. 
        Where is the justice?
       As I was saying in the beginning, there isn't justice anywhere. And may be this might be all the supporting factors women become Tough! 
       At the begining of the relationship, each party has genuine feelings for one another. They feel no force on earth can part them. But as time passes, each one feel that they are trapped.
      What feeling is this?
      She has to win all the games, she has to boss over everything, she has to lead everything, she has to be the master of all, and most of all, she has to be  YOUR BOSS!!! After all, men don't have the rights to do anything.  


  1. Nice to go through your blog here. I hope that I could stumble back on this space again.

  2. Thanks for reading la. I would be pleased with your visit.


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