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Flux of Bhutanese Politics

For the love of Writting!        Considering the time period Bhutanese politics has come into the limelight and into the lives of people, it hasn't been a long time. In other word, Bhutanese democracy is the youngest in the world with just two parliamentary elections so far. If it has to be compared to a child, it is so tender and so innocent in its outlook. But the maturity our politicians has gained over the years is worth the praise from  heaven. They are so well versed with the politics in the politics. An eight year old boy would not fathom anything about himself thus far as our politicians/parties takes us through. 
       Our farsighted king, the legendary face in the world, the only savior Bhutan would not afford to lose, the one and only Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck, against the WILL of people instituted democracy in 2008. It is the most valuable gift no King would have bestowed upon his people thus far, and there would not arise one hereon. His only worry w…