Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cold War!

The year 2008, it hasn't been much of a time ever since we began the newest journey in the year; Ten year since and very glad to still feel the sense of belonging to the past good years. I don't know if this is the feeling every citizens of Bhutan gets, but I have lot more stronger attachment to the past. Time is flying so fast, without the notice of a nostrils and the clearest of the eyesight. And a lot of things have happened in those 10 years.

It's 2018, ten years after the first ever democratic election in Bhutan. Political parties are gearing up for the elections and people are trying their best to caste vote still contemplating if it will be worth it, after all. 

While all goes well in the beginning after the election and victory, things begins to take turns towards the end of the Govt. tenure and the next election. A  lot of things came into the limelight in 2013, which directly or indirectly interfered the election, almost the same trend has been following this time around too. Court cases, defamation, corruption, embezzlement and misuse are some of the issues which come into limelight in every time the election approaches. Nobody can't deduce if whatever happens is politically motivated or is just because things come up as it is, but people have been watching everything that's happening around. 

As is the nature of ruling and opposition, a lot of digging out has been doing by both the parties lately. Issues as old as five to ten years has been coming into the limelight, one side trying to spoil the image of the other and the other trying to defend. 

If this blame game is not a Cold war, what do we call this?

While the opposition and ruling has been doing a lot of blame game, other political parties are gearing up and taking advantage of the situation. And everyone's lips talks of this. 

While it is the trend that every democratic country watch, the people make this own choice but then with lots of doubt that 'if who they vote is the right one?'

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The massacre, not War!


Syria, who haven't heard of this country? Excepting the little kids who are yet to learn alphabet in the kindergartens and those in the far flung remotest of places where television is still a dream, Syria still is an unheard place. Excepting this very tender group pf people, almost everyone knows Syria. And sadly the place is know from it's wide association of WAR and conflict. 

Unlike in the past, of times we have known, the recent tragedy in Syria rips a heart away. The massacre, people call it, Syrians have been trapped in the barrage of war. More than 700 people have been reported killed and the innocent children, hundreds of them are being killed.  

Oh, how heartless! 

It looks like heaps of harvested cotton let to dry in the sun. And just a moment before they were wrapped in white, they might have been bunch of joys to the parents. And it's very hard to understand why they must pay for whatever reasons they are massacred for. 

And what is that they are killed for? Don't really get it! If for terrorism, they just embrace life so they don't deserved to be killed, just like that. And it's such a shame to us human race for we lack the power to contemplate, think and analyse. Where is justice that we talk so high of? 

Leave the dead, even the injured can't go to hospital because several hospitals had been bombed, few suspended the operations; this is Hell on earth. The reasons and justification can't be more serious and important than hundreds of innocent life. Human can't be inhuman to this extent. 
What reason is greater than life? What reason makes life so mean and killing so easy? And for what reasons are these innocent life paying for? And more questions keep triggering our mind. The whole world is shocked, except for the ones who brought this hell upon the angels. 

And yet, no answers! 
This also gives us a moment to think how lucky we are in the land where we can smell peace and happiness from every corner, and from every dew drop and from every grain of soil. Moaning the death of hundreds of innocence, we get to think at the same time, how peaceful the country we live in is and how we should not complain about trivial matters.

We could only pray that this never happens to them again and that you be reborn in the land of bliss. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bhutanese reality Shows!

Reality show, I am sure that the word means different genres of staged performances; like dancing, singing, acting, talents, writing, mimicry and lot others. Countries like Australia, Great Britain, US, and the closest to Bhutan, India do really showcase varieties of reality shows.

But in Bhutan, it's just singing, singing and singing. Because throughout the year it's just singing on BBS 2 and nothing else.

Initially we had Bhutan Star which was the master piece initiative of the legendary singer, actor, lyricist and a versatile man first, Ngedrup Dorji. And ever since, it has been just the singing.

Going with the exact number, we already have three singing reality show: Druk Super Star, Druk Gi Kalapingka, and Drinchen Phamai Sunkay, going round the year, turn wise. And beginning this year, we have an additional egg in the basket, The Voice of Bhutan and God knows how many more are on the verge of inception.

Does this mean one thing? That Bhutanese is filled with singers? Or the other, that Bhutan has hell lot of copy cat. Well, if that was an offensive statement, digest it because it's what the truth holds. In the name of upholding our sacred culture, this lucrative business has been quite the golden egg for the organizers; a good way of dragging people in front of TV every Saturday and Sunday.

By the way, is our culture all about singing? I guess not.

On the other hand, shows like 'Dzongkha Reading Skills' 'Lamsoel- as in Tangible and Intangible Culture' is really a good show and we need to promote this kind of shows.

Besides singing competition, it would be really a great show to bring out the most Talented actor, writer, lyricist, Bhutan Got Talent and many more. God knows how many more genres we haven't thought of now.
It's always good to have singing show but with all we have right now, and considering the audiences, the ratio is very very very unbalanced.And Bhutanese audiences need varieties.

Now have anyone been thinking about TRP - Telivision Rating Point? This gives us an index of the choice of people and also the popularity of a particular channel or show. Well we don't think about it. Infact, we don't care about it. producing and organizing a TV show should have this very concept of TRP, and only then we will be able to judge how good or bad the show is and every aspects related to it.
May be we aren't ready for this, because we are busy bringing in the flavour and styles of Indian reality show.

And it will take lot more years that we think before Bhutan can come up with our own show.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Bhutanese Fans mourns the death of K-Pop Singer

K-Pop and Korean lifestyles, who doesn't know in Bhutan. Korean lifestyle has a huge influence in our Bhutanese people, especially the youths. Music, dress, food, hairstyle, almost every bit of the youths' life in Bhutan is has so much similarity. Which even give the sense of Koreans' vibrant presence among us. 

If anybody takes a casual walk around Thimphu city, it's very obvious that Koreans alike Bhutanese youth are everywhere. 
Talking of which the recent tragic death of K-Pop singer Jonghyun of Shinee at 27 brought so much sorrow and pains in the hearts of Bhutanese youth. 

They even took it to the street, an open space to mourn the death of an accomplished singer, songwriter and dancer, Jonghyun. 

In June this year, the first ever KPop concert at the Changlingmethang National Stadium also gathered large crowd, the highest gathering so far for a concert in Bhutan. In a concert, where the highlights were performance by world -renowned artist Park Jae-Sang, popularly known as PSY, ifve other K-Pop artists, Badkiz, Boys Republic, Girlfriend, Hwang Chi-Yuel; and Lovelyz, youth and old, child and mothers had a feast for their eyes. 

Rumour also had it that few girls even fainted in the sight of their favorite K-Pop stars on stage in person. 

While Bhutanese youth has so much madness and likeness for the K-Pop and their lifestyles and has influenced our youth in such level, a question always arise, "How many more years before Bhutan become next Korea? When they have taken to the open space to mourn the death of a K-Pop star, do we have to understand something from this?"

But I am sure, as Bhutanese first, one will also be greatly influenced by our bloodline, instincts and the consciousness, to be a citizen of Bhutan at the end of the day. 

RIP Jonghyun!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bhutan has more jobs than job seekers?

"Bhutan has more job vacancies than the job seekers registered with the Labour Ministry."

-Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay

Now this is something to think and talk about. The very first thing that comes into our mind is 'job.' What kind of thing or work is called 'job?' And the next instant people think like 'are the youths laying back, not registering with MoLHR? 

But an unemployed youth will always take a bigger consideration for the job, whether registered or not, because in one or the other the small population of our country is all connected  and all come to know about the jobs available in the market. Because it isn't really necessary if one is registered with the MoLHR or not. Or is anybody trying to defend the position here? 

Considering the ratio of the jobs available and the job seekers do we really have more jobs? Are we considering the kind of jobs available and the qualification of the job seekers. 

While it's true that Bhutan has jobs available but not many for the qualified people; especially the university graduates. It's through the experiences, through people whom I know and have good relations with that university graduates don't get jobs for their qualification. Seriously we can't expect a university graduate to work on the road as laborers, neither in the constructions sectors because these are skilled jobs. On contrary, if the skilled graduates from TTI (technical training institutes) talk about not having jobs, then it's something to talk about because Bhutan is undergoing vigorous development phase and jobs in these sectors are plenty i guess. But expecting a graduate to earn just three meals a day is not done and we just can't go on bragging we have enough jobs.

 Because the jobs we do compromise other necessary things, it is for this reason that youths always opt for high end jobs and remain jobless. Taking a consideration of the high inflation in the market, difficulty in getting comfortable accommodation, especially in the urban areas and other risk factors, the unemployment figure is always on the rise. Because we have countless youth unemployed, it's still not understood why nobody is doing anything on the most crucial thing; accommodation and the house rent in the urban areas. house owners keeps increasing the house rent every two years; that's what the law says while the salary and the remunerations remains stagnant. Youth don't want to do small jobs because they can't afford to live in such places where house rent and inflation is sky rocketing. 

And therefore we can't just simply study the figure and brag we have more jobs than the jobs seekers. 

If I have diverged from what i intended to write it's because lots of others things that matters are left unnoticed while we keep on defending our own right. 


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dear Life

With all the sorrows and sadness over the kind of life I have, these free verses flows out ....

I can’t finish thinking of how beautiful you are!
Dear life, with you, everything is heaven
And every moment a blessing, such joy
How blessed I feel that you are every breath I take

You’ve me and I’m happy for this
I can afford it, something which is above godly
 And precious, and because I’m a chosen one,
I have all the joy. Nothing as beautiful as you, O life

But how sad that you found a poor me
And rested upon who couldn’t have afforded it
But because you don’t differentiate, I am happy
For this makes me a fortunate one, though small

You were rude at first, when I was tender
I grew up a man cub without proper clothes on
And I hated you for all you were with me
But then, you were still that beautiful life

You put me through tests, of which I failed so many
But taught me how different I can be with failures
Because nothing can be beautiful without fall
And that, is the biggest lesson you have for all

Do you still remember me spending starving nights?
Because that loaf of bread was such a luxury
And I was no match for such an extravagance
But you always taught me lessons through such

You watched me grow, take adventure and be wise
When I broke down, you always showed me the path
Promised better days with each dawn break
Things were going well and I was all smiles

You have me tested enough and your test never ends
As if I have something you must juice out
I can no longer hold on to these sorrows
Why don’t you show me a path as you did before?
I wonder if you can watch me right now
Because my shouts are getting fainter with days
And these pangs of pains rip my heart out
Why do I see only sorrows and no moment of peace?

Or do you say it’s all my doing and I am responsible?
But all I say is just an omen of goodness that you exist
 Because that you have me, you should have a better plan
Or this is just what you got for me this life?

Why I can’t make people around me content
Of what I do or is everything just a doom?
I’m going feeble each day and can’t bear it anymore
For you are the maker, why don’t you show me a path?

Or maybe, why don’t you tell the people who despise me
That’s you are not about hatred, jealousy and ego
But a way through where everyone passes with joy
And no regret as you bid your last goodbye to them?

I will not make an end of you, no, not like others
Because I still know how beautiful you are
I have made up my mind to be little patience
And wait for the right time you show up

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Why on the earth she had to be set on fire? What kind of crime and sin deserves such a treatment? What could have provoked the man, the Ex, to set her on fire? 

These are some of the questions that triggers in people's mind when they heard the sad news of the 'Woman who was set on fire' by his ex-husband. The bitter pain is in imagining the excruciating pain from the burn. It's heart wrecking. Whoever has been on the scene must have felt the cold stab in their heart to see a woman running in flames. The most horrible of the scenes a mankind would ever watch! 

What kind of monsters is he? The man who was nobody for her, for it was already a month since they separated had to be his Death. The strength of the issue might have been so serious that it triggered the man to burn his ex alive. Or was it not the issue and his uncontrolled mind that went haywire? Or did he intend to by any means burn her alive because the coronation park doesn't have kerosene outlet and the man had it already with him. 

The question here is why it happened and how it happened, but its about the incident that happened. It was such a disturbing incident. It could stay in the minds of people for days, weeks or even for years.   

And for the child, it might be what the fate has for her that she had to witness the most tragic incident in such a tender age. Without any crime, without any wrong doings, she has to bear the pain and loss for the rest of her life. We could only pray that things goes well for her. 

The incident would have shocked the world that things like this has become so rampant in a country where PEACE & HAPPINESS are the way of life. It also happened that a tourist was also on the scene and posted on social media about the incident. 

It was such a tragic incident that people of Bhutan get exposed to, and more intriguingly the child of the deceased. The only thing we could do for now is that such incidents never happen in Bhutan in future and that we be careful with people around, because anywhere, anything can possibly happen.