Cold War!

The year 2008, it hasn't been much of a time ever since we began the newest journey in the year; Ten year since and very glad to still feel the sense of belonging to the past good years. I don't know if this is the feeling every citizens of Bhutan gets, but I have lot more stronger attachment to the past. Time is flying so fast, without the notice of a nostrils and the clearest of the eyesight. And a lot of things have happened in those 10 years.
It's 2018, ten years after the first ever democratic election in Bhutan. Political parties are gearing up for the elections and people are trying their best to caste vote still contemplating if it will be worth it, after all. 
While all goes well in the beginning after the election and victory, things begins to take turns towards the end of the Govt. tenure and the next election. A  lot of things came into the limelight in 2013, which directly or indirectly interfered the election, almost the same trend has been following this tim…

The massacre, not War!

Syria, who haven't heard of this country? Excepting the little kids who are yet to learn alphabet in the kindergartens and those in the far flung remotest of places where television is still a dream, Syria still is an unheard place. Excepting this very tender group pf people, almost everyone knows Syria. And sadly the place is know from it's wide association of WAR and conflict. 
Unlike in the past, of times we have known, the recent tragedy in Syria rips a heart away. The massacre, people call it, Syrians have been trapped in the barrage of war. More than 700 people have been reported killed and the innocent children, hundreds of them are being killed.  
Oh, how heartless! 

It looks like heaps of harvested cotton let to dry in the sun. And just a moment before they were wrapped in white, they might have been bunch of joys to the parents. And it's very hard to understand why they must pay for whatever reasons they are massacred for. 
And what is…

Bhutanese reality Shows!

Reality show, I am sure that the word means different genres of staged performances; like dancing, singing, acting, talents, writing, mimicry and lot others. Countries like Australia, Great Britain, US, and the closest to Bhutan, India do really showcase varieties of reality shows.
But in Bhutan, it's just singing, singing and singing. Because throughout the year it's just singing on BBS 2 and nothing else.

Initially we had Bhutan Star which was the master piece initiative of the legendary singer, actor, lyricist and a versatile man first, Ngedrup Dorji. And ever since, it has been just the singing.
Going with the exact number, we already have three singing reality show: Druk Super Star, Druk GiKalapingka, and Drinchen Phamai Sunkay, going round the year, turn wise. And beginning this year, we have an additional egg in the basket, The Voice of Bhutan and God knows how many more are on the verge of inception.
Does this mean one thing? That Bhutanese is fill…

Bhutanese Fans mourns the death of K-Pop Singer

K-Pop and Korean lifestyles, who doesn't know in Bhutan. Korean lifestyle has a huge influence in our Bhutanese people, especially the youths. Music, dress, food, hairstyle, almost every bit of the youths' life in Bhutan is has so much similarity. Which even give the sense of Koreans' vibrant presence among us. 
If anybody takes a casual walk around Thimphu city, it's very obvious that Koreans alike Bhutanese youth are everywhere.  Talking of which the recent tragic death of K-Pop singer Jonghyun of Shinee at 27 brought so much sorrow and pains in the hearts of Bhutanese youth. 

They even took it to the street, an open space to mourn the death of an accomplished singer, songwriter and dancer, Jonghyun. 
In June this year, the first ever KPop concert at the Changlingmethang National Stadium also gathered large crowd, the highest gathering so far for a concert in Bhutan. In a concert, where the highlights were performance by world -renowned artist Park Jae-Sang, popular…

Bhutan has more jobs than job seekers?

"Bhutan has more job vacancies than the job seekers registered with the Labour Ministry."

-Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay

Now this is something to think and talk about. The very first thing that comes into our mind is 'job.' What kind of thing or work is called 'job?' And the next instant people think like 'are the youths laying back, not registering with MoLHR? 
But an unemployed youth will always take a bigger consideration for the job, whether registered or not, because in one or the other the small population of our country is all connected  and all come to know about the jobs available in the market. Because it isn't really necessary if one is registered with the MoLHR or not. Or is anybody trying to defend the position here? 
Considering the ratio of the jobs available and the job seekers do we really have more jobs? Are we considering the kind of jobs available and the qualification of the job seekers. 
While it's true that Bhutan has jobs…

Dear Life

With all the sorrows and sadness over the kind of life I have, these free verses flows out ....

I can’t finish thinking of how beautiful you are! Dear life, with you, everything is heaven And every moment a blessing, such joy How blessed I feel that you are every breath I take
You’ve me and I’m happy for this I can afford it, something which is above godly  And precious, and because I’m a chosen one, I have all the joy. Nothing as beautiful as you, O life
But how sad that you found a poor me And rested upon who couldn’t have afforded it But because you don’t differentiate, I am happy For this makes me a fortunate one, though small
You were rude at first, when I was tender I grew up a man cub without proper clothes on And I hated you for all you were with me But then, you were still that beautiful life
You put me through tests, of which I failed so many But taught me how different I can be with failures Because nothing can be beautiful without fall And that, is the biggest lesson you have for all
Do you …


Why on the earth she had to be set on fire? What kind of crime and sin deserves such a treatment? What could have provoked the man, the Ex, to set her on fire? 

These are some of the questions that triggers in people's mind when they heard the sad news of the 'Woman who was set on fire' by his ex-husband. The bitter pain is in imagining the excruciating pain from the burn. It's heart wrecking. Whoever has been on the scene must have felt the cold stab in their heart to see a woman running in flames. The most horrible of the scenes a mankind would ever watch! 

What kind of monsters is he? The man who was nobody for her, for it was already a month since they separated had to be his Death. The strength of the issue might have been so serious that it triggered the man to burn his ex alive. Or was it not the issue and his uncontrolled mind that went haywire? Or did he intend to by any means burn her alive because the coronation park doesn't have kerosene outlet and t…