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Writing - a can't be profession in Bhutan.

At this time around, writers in Bhutan are thriving. All thanks to the role model , the one and only respected and inspiational Her Majesty Azhi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck and Kunzang Choden. If you have gone through the writings, you can really see how words are crafted to fit along each other.              They are like jigsaw slices. And omission of a word will destroy all. Such is the significant of each word in their writings.       Our profound Respect and salute!!! Over the years, their trails have been followed so well and very wisely, by thriving writers of our times. Lots of people have adopted blogging. We have very famous bloggers. And poets, they are plenty in here. Perhaps, the serenity of our place and the uniqueness we are savouring are inspiring them into becoming one.       All in all, Bhutan is enjoying a completely changed period with so many young bloods venturing into writing. But, we are at the same time living on the very sad face of our society - the poor rea…

Do we have Work Manner?

As far as I am concerned, civil servants, before they join the office take oath to serve people. Irrespective of the nature of services and the status of those who need the service, the first priority is service to people.       And the moment we sit on our chair, it's time we think if we are really doing justice to ourselves. Because, we might at times misunderstand our RESPONSIBILITIES as otherwise. I put RESPONSIBILITIES in BOLD because it looks like lot of people don't take it very seriously.       I write this because the incident that confronted me the day I went to DID for a work (of my friend) really disheartened me. And I believe many are facing the similar problem with the people who are responsible to serve others in need.        It was my second time in the office because I didn't have all the documents required for the work the first time I went. It wasn't much of a work though. I just had to get the mother's detail of my friend updated.       I …

Chasing Dreams

I still remember those days when I used to get a lot of beatings in the class. English lessons used to be MONSTER, for all I cared. And you know what? Grammar is another headache. At the end of the year, you don't know what you have learnt. So, that was the impression English gives us, I mean most of us. But I had less thought that this very thing I hated the most would become the source of my bread. 

I don't read much books but the ones I read were really my source of inspiration. Because I say literature is something that no one can deny.  I don't use to write before until the first day of my college. I had a crush with a girl in my class. I waited for the perfect day to say 'I LOVE YOU' because I was quite timid and I don't get admired very easily. That's why!
But by the time I was ready, she was already owned - by one of the senior guys. That was enough blow on my timidness. SHAME on ME!  So, that was a Looser me! I didn't have enough reasons to bla…

Tears in Man's Eye

Thimphu has become the most busiest place in our country, and nobody can deny this fact. Well, this gives me a chance to claim myself busy too, as I also belong to this city. I am very young to this place. It hasn't been many years since I started working for my living. 
Ok, whatsoever it is, as I was saying, Thimphu has become very busy compared to what I haven been knowing about this place. More so, the increase in the imports of the cars in the recent time has left our roads crammed with vehicles. It has somehow changed everyone's schedules. Mine too. 
The morning rush hours are unimaginable. Sometimes, it become so intolerable to look at the line on the road that keep us waiting all the morning. So, just to avoid this very naughty and hard morning, I have found out a way to ply the road peacefully. No traffic congestion, no more frustration and no irritation.  I get on the road quite late. 
One late morning, as usual I got on the road quite late, just to avoid myself gett…