Chasing Dreams

I still remember those days when I used to get a lot of beatings in the class. English lessons used to be MONSTER, for all I cared. And you know what? Grammar is another headache. At the end of the year, you don't know what you have learnt. So, that was the impression English gives us, I mean most of us.
But I had less thought that this very thing I hated the most would become the source of my bread. 

I don't read much books but the ones I read were really my source of inspiration. Because I say literature is something that no one can deny. 
I don't use to write before until the first day of my college. I had a crush with a girl in my class. I waited for the perfect day to say 'I LOVE YOU' because I was quite timid and I don't get admired very easily. That's why!

But by the time I was ready, she was already owned - by one of the senior guys. That was enough blow on my timidness. SHAME on ME! 
So, that was a Looser me! I didn't have enough reasons to blame anyone, so I had to stay strong. Nevertheless, I found a way to calm myself down - Poem. I wrote my first poem since the day I lose her. 
Since then, writing became my passion and I had a dream that one day I would write a book. 
But, unless you are a professional writer, writing isn't a cup of tea. That's why, it took me long time to think about the subject. 
I researched on internet on tips of writing, asked friends, consulted my lecturers and professors. It took me a long time already, but I saw myself working on a Drama.

Romance was the most prominent subjects during those days, and I was deep into it already. I thought writing something on Romance would be good. I started working on the Drama ' Tsedung.' I believed it was a good start, but didn't end well. My first project didn't get much support from the peers. They were less interested. I was discouraged and I gave up. Very simply!

But that was not the end. 

After graduation, I had a good chance to work in Thailand as English teacher in a College. It was a good privilege for a very less informed and less seen boy from the village. The two years experience gave a good way into writing. Thus, I began working on my second project, Chasing Dreams; an absurd journey.  

Writing the book was a good experience till the last phase of the making of the book. I wasn't very optimistic about getting it published but it happened. Still feels like a dream. 

And finally, it's here, as I once dreamt to write a book.  It took a lot of hard works of my friends and myself. The making of the book took away lot of their precious times. And my editor Dukpa, he suffered a lot. He would not have slept well. My big gratitude to him. And Yangbum publisher in Thimphu rendered me all the necessary support in making of this book. My immense gratification. 

This book will take the readers through a journey of finding happiness and going after the dreams we dream. The readers will also be able to experience the dramatic conflicts the protagonist encounters on the way to his dreams. Finally, the protagonist will realize that he has left all the dreams in his own place. 


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