Writing - a can't be profession in Bhutan.

     At this time around, writers in Bhutan are thriving. All thanks to the role model , the one and only respected and inspiational Her Majesty Azhi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck and Kunzang Choden. If you have gone through the writings, you can really see how words are crafted to fit along each other.              They are like jigsaw slices. And omission of a word will destroy all. Such is the significant of each word in their writings. 
     Our profound Respect and salute!!!
    Over the years, their trails have been followed so well and very wisely, by thriving writers of our times. Lots of people have adopted blogging. We have very famous bloggers. And poets, they are plenty in here. Perhaps, the serenity of our place and the uniqueness we are savouring are inspiring them into becoming one. 
     All in all, Bhutan is enjoying a completely changed period with so many young bloods venturing into writing. But, we are at the same time living on the very sad face of our society - the poor readership. 
     It might be very early for me to comment this that no writer in Bhutan can make this a profession, but this very short period of my writing adventure (not as profession) through writing hasn't been very welcoming and inspiring. And I believe many are facing this same issue.
     'My poems are left stacked in the folder of my computer.' I still remember my friend say this. A very well versed writer whose passion runs through the streams of his blood vessels. he doesn't need anything special for an inspiration. Even the sun setting to the west will make him sit at the corner of some bush and write about it. Such is the passion in him, yet his write ups are left out, just like that. And nothing special. 
     Writing is my breath. It truely is. Piles of poems are left stacked in the files. I don't know where they are now. Perhaps, the mice and the rats would have had a good companion. 
     Nobody is interested to read poems. 
     If any attempt, to make writing a profession in here can be a big disaster. doesn't matter how good the book or any write ups are, you don't have keen readers.  Well, they are all into the latest gadgets and technologies. It is very sad to see that a four year old child can operate any complicated android phone and can't read a word (even if taught). They simply refuse to do anything that affiliates with paper and pen. 
     This is the society we are living in - and infact a very naked truth. 

    "People write because it is their passion, but nobody cares what you write."


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