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Heaven's Fool

The eye of heaven, somber and wide awake
A thing of wonder to the little parish boys
Hark hither! O the great lamp of the world
The silent globe of darkness, whilst thou speck
I stand hither since the misty dusk broke in
Feeling delighted as thou rise from behind the hills.
I rise this hand, if thou should fail to locate me
Or do I not stand visible to thy great eye?
Now have thou traveled this far distance
What have you gathered from the place afar?
Or did thou all thy time spent in spree?
Watching the lovers roll on the petals of love.
Now say you, of the things I urge to hear.
Did thou chance to hear my darling shout?
Did my darling not send a piece of message?
For thousands miles while we are parted far
Thou must have beheld a tiny Lass amidst green vales
Speaking of the things I needed to hear today.
O fool! What in the world is this empty face of yours?
Again I ask thee, have thou got any message for this soul?
So much a pride has fallen, thy face a fool's rice bowl
And now all you have got is a…

Behest of Destiny

His smile and the prism of his eyes perfected a beautiful bar of rainbow as he approached me, unleashing himself from a log of wood he was carrying. As I heard the sudden rush through the cold wind, I looked up and saw Jimmy, my younger brother. He was that young chubby face I had waited to see for quite a long period of time. He wore that tattered clothes which I left for him the year before I went to some far place to study. He looked so shabby in that cloth which he wore untidily with two folds of fringe-less belt around his waist. He didn't have a slipper and his foot looked like he didn't washed them after the last time we took bath together. "Your belt is loose. Tighten it up", I gave a brotherly look and I reached for my bag. He smiled endlessly as he tugged his edge less gho. He tightened it. I handed over to him some wrapped packet along with some edibles; that was what children expect you to have in your bag when you come home after long time.  "What is…