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Cold War!

The year 2008, it hasn't been much of a time ever since we began the newest journey in the year; Ten year since and very glad to still feel the sense of belonging to the past good years. I don't know if this is the feeling every citizens of Bhutan gets, but I have lot more stronger attachment to the past. Time is flying so fast, without the notice of a nostrils and the clearest of the eyesight. And a lot of things have happened in those 10 years.
It's 2018, ten years after the first ever democratic election in Bhutan. Political parties are gearing up for the elections and people are trying their best to caste vote still contemplating if it will be worth it, after all. 
While all goes well in the beginning after the election and victory, things begins to take turns towards the end of the Govt. tenure and the next election. A  lot of things came into the limelight in 2013, which directly or indirectly interfered the election, almost the same trend has been following this tim…