Bhutanese reality Shows!

Reality show, I am sure that the word means different genres of staged performances; like dancing, singing, acting, talents, writing, mimicry and lot others. Countries like Australia, Great Britain, US, and the closest to Bhutan, India do really showcase varieties of reality shows.

But in Bhutan, it's just singing, singing and singing. Because throughout the year it's just singing on BBS 2 and nothing else.

Initially we had Bhutan Star which was the master piece initiative of the legendary singer, actor, lyricist and a versatile man first, Ngedrup Dorji. And ever since, it has been just the singing.

Going with the exact number, we already have three singing reality show: Druk Super Star, Druk Gi Kalapingka, and Drinchen Phamai Sunkay, going round the year, turn wise. And beginning this year, we have an additional egg in the basket, The Voice of Bhutan and God knows how many more are on the verge of inception.

Does this mean one thing? That Bhutanese is filled with singers? Or the other, that Bhutan has hell lot of copy cat. Well, if that was an offensive statement, digest it because it's what the truth holds. In the name of upholding our sacred culture, this lucrative business has been quite the golden egg for the organizers; a good way of dragging people in front of TV every Saturday and Sunday.

By the way, is our culture all about singing? I guess not.

On the other hand, shows like 'Dzongkha Reading Skills' 'Lamsoel- as in Tangible and Intangible Culture' is really a good show and we need to promote this kind of shows.

Besides singing competition, it would be really a great show to bring out the most Talented actor, writer, lyricist, Bhutan Got Talent and many more. God knows how many more genres we haven't thought of now.
It's always good to have singing show but with all we have right now, and considering the audiences, the ratio is very very very unbalanced.And Bhutanese audiences need varieties.

Now have anyone been thinking about TRP - Telivision Rating Point? This gives us an index of the choice of people and also the popularity of a particular channel or show. Well we don't think about it. Infact, we don't care about it. producing and organizing a TV show should have this very concept of TRP, and only then we will be able to judge how good or bad the show is and every aspects related to it.
May be we aren't ready for this, because we are busy bringing in the flavour and styles of Indian reality show.

And it will take lot more years that we think before Bhutan can come up with our own show.


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