Bhutanese Fans mourns the death of K-Pop Singer

K-Pop and Korean lifestyles, who doesn't know in Bhutan. Korean lifestyle has a huge influence in our Bhutanese people, especially the youths. Music, dress, food, hairstyle, almost every bit of the youths' life in Bhutan is has so much similarity. Which even give the sense of Koreans' vibrant presence among us. 

If anybody takes a casual walk around Thimphu city, it's very obvious that Koreans alike Bhutanese youth are everywhere. 
Talking of which the recent tragic death of K-Pop singer Jonghyun of Shinee at 27 brought so much sorrow and pains in the hearts of Bhutanese youth. 

They even took it to the street, an open space to mourn the death of an accomplished singer, songwriter and dancer, Jonghyun. 

In June this year, the first ever KPop concert at the Changlingmethang National Stadium also gathered large crowd, the highest gathering so far for a concert in Bhutan. In a concert, where the highlights were performance by world -renowned artist Park Jae-Sang, popularly known as PSY, ifve other K-Pop artists, Badkiz, Boys Republic, Girlfriend, Hwang Chi-Yuel; and Lovelyz, youth and old, child and mothers had a feast for their eyes. 

Rumour also had it that few girls even fainted in the sight of their favorite K-Pop stars on stage in person. 

While Bhutanese youth has so much madness and likeness for the K-Pop and their lifestyles and has influenced our youth in such level, a question always arise, "How many more years before Bhutan become next Korea? When they have taken to the open space to mourn the death of a K-Pop star, do we have to understand something from this?"

But I am sure, as Bhutanese first, one will also be greatly influenced by our bloodline, instincts and the consciousness, to be a citizen of Bhutan at the end of the day. 

RIP Jonghyun!


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