The massacre, not War!


Syria, who haven't heard of this country? Excepting the little kids who are yet to learn alphabet in the kindergartens and those in the far flung remotest of places where television is still a dream, Syria still is an unheard place. Excepting this very tender group pf people, almost everyone knows Syria. And sadly the place is know from it's wide association of WAR and conflict. 

Unlike in the past, of times we have known, the recent tragedy in Syria rips a heart away. The massacre, people call it, Syrians have been trapped in the barrage of war. More than 700 people have been reported killed and the innocent children, hundreds of them are being killed.  

Oh, how heartless! 

It looks like heaps of harvested cotton let to dry in the sun. And just a moment before they were wrapped in white, they might have been bunch of joys to the parents. And it's very hard to understand why they must pay for whatever reasons they are massacred for. 

And what is that they are killed for? Don't really get it! If for terrorism, they just embrace life so they don't deserved to be killed, just like that. And it's such a shame to us human race for we lack the power to contemplate, think and analyse. Where is justice that we talk so high of? 

Leave the dead, even the injured can't go to hospital because several hospitals had been bombed, few suspended the operations; this is Hell on earth. The reasons and justification can't be more serious and important than hundreds of innocent life. Human can't be inhuman to this extent. 
What reason is greater than life? What reason makes life so mean and killing so easy? And for what reasons are these innocent life paying for? And more questions keep triggering our mind. The whole world is shocked, except for the ones who brought this hell upon the angels. 

And yet, no answers! 
This also gives us a moment to think how lucky we are in the land where we can smell peace and happiness from every corner, and from every dew drop and from every grain of soil. Moaning the death of hundreds of innocence, we get to think at the same time, how peaceful the country we live in is and how we should not complain about trivial matters.

We could only pray that this never happens to them again and that you be reborn in the land of bliss. 


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