Flux of Bhutanese Politics

For the love of Writting!
       Considering the time period Bhutanese politics has come into the limelight and into the lives of people, it hasn't been a long time. In other word, Bhutanese democracy is the youngest in the world with just two parliamentary elections so far. If it has to be compared to a child, it is so tender and so innocent in its outlook. But the maturity our politicians has gained over the years is worth the praise from  heaven. They are so well versed with the politics in the politics. An eight year old boy would not fathom anything about himself thus far as our politicians/parties takes us through. 

       Our farsighted king, the legendary face in the world, the only savior Bhutan would not afford to lose, the one and only Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck, against the WILL of people instituted democracy in 2008. It is the most valuable gift no King would have bestowed upon his people thus far, and there would not arise one hereon. His only worry was that his people should not suffer anytime.  We thank him immensely and beyond our words. 

        But everyone asks this same question time and again, 'Are we being led in the right way?'

        Just in eight years, after just two parliamentary elections, people are already facing the flux of what we call 'dirty politics'.  I am no great soul and any renown critic to point out anything here, but just a 'simple view' from a frustrated commoner, who cares. 

       Now as you see, there were lot of commotions during the first ever parliamentary elections in 2008 with just two political parties, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa and People's Democratic Party. In spite of repeated familiarization program by ECB on politics, voting and lot other issues, people were less convinced what democracy is and what party and voting is.  This in fact turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the parties - much more for the party that won. Opposition had just two seats, yet they proved the strength of Unity.

       Five years wasn't much time for people as well as for the parties. By then people were well versed with all the democracy business. The competition was tough in the second parliamentary elections. 

       While it is quite normal that there is both happy face and disgruntle among the people on the services delivered by the parties, the recent time has seen a lot of unusual trend in the politics, both in the ruling and opposition. Well, starting with the resignation of the candidates, the then president of the Opposition Jigme Y. Thinley resigned from serving his people, leaving thousands of his constituency people in disgrace. Well, that was just the beginning. 

       Then came the resignation of the then education minister which resulted in the appointment of a new minister. While rumours have it that these changes are intrigued by a  secret  motive in the party, truth hasn't been known by any. Most probably the resignation of the then Opposition leader might have set an unwise example that a lot has been happening lately. 

       The recent situation in the North-Thimphu constituency has resulted in public outcry. It is the much talked issue. The resignation of North-Thimphu MP Kinga Tshering has not only invited public outcry, but it has also made it to the headlines and issues on social medias. While the party members are not happy with his resignation, people in the constituency are frustrated because of the fact that the candidate put his benefit before his people's. To fill the post, a by-election has to be conducted and Chencho Nidup stood up to contest for the vacant post. But sadly, not many days later, he decided not to contest in the by-election. Chencho didn't want to mix politic and religion as per his mother's bidding, which was very lame again.  That further disheartened the supporters and more importantly the North-Thimphu constituency. This again invited lots of criticism and some even stated that DPT has finally found a playground.

       If just eight  years of democracy has given so much, people are not very much optimistic about good times that will befall us. 

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