If my verse must speak of my crush upon you
O, the mighty glamour to whom the world seeks
The grains of Earth shall not suffice thy praise
Nor the drops of blue carpet that lies in plenty

But only one unpretentious beat in the heart
Shall feel the crimson power of my Love
Which shall never fade, even if the dark art
Wipes out the earth to the last grain

But the truth shall linger with every rebirth
Of my soul, which will breath with just one name
Of a woman who with all the bliss has conquered all
The one that bears a great name of heaven

Who has the soul fearless, that of a tiger
And who shall rule my heart eternally
Who cares, what wrath halt my ways unto thee?
All I see is the smile of elixir at my arms reach

Who cares what hell would stand my way unto you?
When I desire is the nectar of thy bosom
Even if the forces of nature break my way
I shall deliver myself upon the cozy bench of mine

The one without whom I shall never learn to exist
Till my last breath gives way, I shall crawl,
Even if I have to bear the death retribution
O the darling bud of Spring, the mate of my soul


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