Chayku - Meaning Analysis

Feeling empathy for the weak and oppressed, your great compassion often makes you seek to be at service for others.

Able to give comfort to those who need it, you often offer a shoulder on which to cry on. To discover your full potential develop the necessary tools to be truly useful to others, rather than simply being an attentive ear. Truly listening to what is said is a far greater skill than many realize. Your natural balance has all the qualities to support others in moments of trial.

It happens often that you fill the void left by others, because you have tendency to feel responsible. Helping often comes at the price of personal sacrifices. At times the resulting work load may feel overwhelming. But the love and affection you get is a well-deserved reward. Nevertheless your benevolence runs a risk of being abused.

So keep that in mind. Constantly trying to maintain harmony within the family or creating balance in a group of friends. You seek marriage and can often be a wonderful parent, providing warmth, protection and understanding for children. This path is generous, kind and often attractive, because of the warmth it radiates. People often admire or even worship you which can sometimes leave you perplexed. Your personality is humble, but at the same time inhabited by a deep sense of pride. High standards are good, but watch out for having excess requirements, because of your idealism or perfectionism. Be careful not to constantly seek perfection in the different areas of your life. Nothing can be truly perfect.
Idealizing people runs a risk of being disappointed later. This constant search for perfection can also lead to indecision and doubt. In your younger years be careful to not choose partners for the wrong reasons. Do not let people influence you on a emotional level, this will only lead to decisions made for the wrong reasons. There is temptation and danger for you thinking of yourself as the bearer of burdens.

This number often has natural talent for music, but also talent in the visual or performing arts. However this creativity can be lost, because of your desire for sacrifice or you inability to fully appreciate these talents. This does not mean that you cannot shine in these areas. On the contrary, you have the talent and with effort it is possible to find success in a number of artistic fields. You may also find talent in areas of business. But it must be related to you charm and charisma, that you can effectively use to attract people to support your needs. The other occupations that offer a good potential for success are found primarily in the areas of healing, teaching, hospitality, government institutions, and anything related to animals.



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