To the Smile of Elixir

Never in my life such a lass have I seen
Like one such I behold in you, O friend
Rage stands no meaning on the plain of thine eyes
Nor on the glittering joy of your face
Thy face of moon when no dust defy
If I must trail you with my verse
Till to the toe from the dark cascade 
Shall I begin my praise, but from heart
None will fear the face, even if in rage
It is but the moon that glitters joy
A pair of dark pearl rest on it with peace
Even the spears shall foam down in flowers
As you sound the melody of a furious one
The hum of Nile stands no comparison with your song
And falcons droop with shame to hear you
One that will dare to touch you through lips
Till he feels the tiny vales betwixt thy breast
One who dares to excite you with a touch
He'll will be no fool, but one you have dreamt for long
A knight from the far East, who hath for you rode
If you know not, of what thou are made
Hark hither! For I tell thee, thou art an angel
No lesser to one to whom men bow low on knees
One no men shall dare to meet their eyes, no one
But one that descends from a great name of gallantry
Shall wed this Lass, with the name of greatness
For thou art one priceless, no man can afford to lose


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