Dear Son

Dear son
             The day you showed yourself into this beautiful world is the happiest day of my life. I can't compare and remember any other days that was as happy as the day you were born. You brought all the happiness possible from the pace of your creator and bestowed upon me. You are the apple of my eye. You are and will remain the most expense gift ever that this life gave me and you will always be the closest person in my heart.
             Honestly, I did have lots of worries prior to your enter to my heart. I worried for your mother who took all the pain to carry you for more than nine months. Since the first month of your conceive, she has the worst nightmares ever. She could not sleep properly for the whole journey of her pregnancy.  She would wake up suddenly every night because of the sickness. She could not eat and drink well. She could not do her work. We even had to go to hospital several times because she had the worst morning sickness. You have to understand all these. I as your father didn't have much to do. I wished I could share her pain but it was just out of my reach. You have to understand all these that your mother, with so much hardship, even risking her life, brought you to this earth. You owe her a lot - in fact your life. 
               Son, you also have to understand that life is not as easy as one thinks. It's more than that, but remember it is in your hand to create memories in it. It depends on your will, whether to make it beautiful or leave it the way it is. You are your own creator. You can become whatever you wish to become. Believe me, life was hard for me too. I toiled in the woods, climbed the terrain, crossed the valleys, slept in the cowshed, fell down uncountable times, starved and suffered, but I managed to fight all the odds of hardship and somehow managed to anchor the ship in a safe place. These are all before I met your mother. 

               Your mother and I had a very strange affair. I liked her in our first encounter but she was not very sure about loving me back. She was young bud of Spring - gentle and charismatic, lovely and cute. I loved her, but my status was all that I feared for. I was poor, and so were my parents. Comes from a very simple but they are humble. Let me be honest, I am kind and good at heart. Your mother didn't care how I looked, but all she cared was how I was. She loved me too. She spent lots of years in isolation. Didn't listen to anybody who said bad about me. She was never judgmental about where I came from. All that mattered to her was that I am a gentle and a humble man. There were times when people whom we never knew, the so called anonymous would create a Tug of War. They interfered, many of them whom I can't name. Created all the mess that wouldn't ease the cut, but we somehow overcame all those odds and now we have anchored here, at the safe place. We are thankful to ourselves for being true to each other.

              Son, when I say 'safe place' don't consider it to the fullest meaning. If I have to name a place unsafe for us, it is this world. We made it anyways and I don't put the blame on anyone. But as long as you are with us, as long as you stick with the morale doings, you are safe. And I have all the faith on you, because you are one such person that defies the plain meaning of ordinary. You are one man in this entire world that keeps me awake. Now you turn 3 months, and I already see a great being come to me. You show us all the signs that you are someone who will become a great human being. I trust the way you are and I believe in you. No wonder what and how, you won't let us down. And some day when you read this, you will realize how grateful I am to be your father. We spend sleepless night just to make you feel the comfort, just to keep you safe. Whatever we do, it's just for you and yourself, because we want to see you grow into a good man with good heart. Believe us, we have all the joy to have you that nobody could and nobody can give.

              Dear, I have seen the world and it is the most beautiful place, I say. And twenty years from now, I see a completely different world. And believe me, you will be one among the millions. By then, you will have grown and become the man yourself, and I, an old grownup dad. I have seen people, who abandon their parents, who  do the un-doable and who speak the unspeakable. I hope that you won't be one such man. And like every parents do, I will live with hopes in my heart that you will be there to pick my fallen staff, you will be there to comfort me when I break down and when I am sad. I will breathe with this hope that you will be by our side, when we need you the most. We will live with the best hopes and expectation from you, and son, don't let us down.

             Son, make yourself the best man as possible, so that everyday, you live with the smiles all around you.

With Love
Your Dad


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