My thought on BBIN Agreement!

       BBIN Agreement, a much discussed issue in the recent two sessions of the parliament has invited a lot of criticism - both constructive and the otherwise. The Motor Vehicles Agreement for the regulation of Passenger and Cargo vehicular movement in the regions of Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal was signed last year by the government and marked the move in bringing in more vehicular movement in the country. 

       While lot many said it was a good move and initiative in boosting up and building the economy of the nation, many were not in the favour of the idea that it will bring in lots of chaos. The recent parliament had a thorough discussion on this and the national Council in particular refrained from ratifying the Motor Vehicles Agreement for the regulation of Passenger and Cargo vehicular movement. The National Council was firm with the decision that the government didn't do comprehensive consultation with the relevant stakeholders before signing the agreement. 

       Pointed out right because as far as every citizen is concerned, the terms regarding the BBIN agreement was thoroughly out poured to the people through various source but people were not consulted on the pros and cons of the agreement. The people and the relevant stakeholders were not involved in the decision. The decision of the government to sign the agreement brought about a lot of pleas and cries from the concerned   authorities and individual, particularly the truck and cab owners that the move will definitely intervene in their business in ferrying passenger (regional tourists in particular) and load. All the possible media covered the story but it didn't change the mind of the government. 

      Finally, the much pain of the people were knotted into the agreement!

      The recent denial of the NC in ratifying the agreement somehow was a balm on the wound. It somehow removed the stain of doubt and worries our concern agencies and individuals were carrying for quite sometime.  And I believe that this is for the greater cause and the greater need of the people. 

       Men at the Service of the Public!

    From a commoner's perspectives, the BBIN agreement was for the good of the people and economy of the country, but more than the goodness it promised, it infact has a lot of disadvantages in package. 

       Considering a large figure in the import of vehicles in the country, the Government raised the tax for car imports. Infact it is very surprising that a very high tax is levied for the import of any vehicle in a very poor and developing economy of the country. This sent lot of people wanting to buy a car back home. As long as this 100% tax exists, a commoner's dream to own a car is impossible. And this was much respected and appreciated by all the people and infact the people outside, because out government was very concerned about the environmental pollution. But, the very agreement that will allow more vehicular movement and the 100% tax levied to our own people for buying a car doesn't correlate. This simply doesn't define any justice to our people. 

       Bhutan uphold its pride of being a carbon Negative country and the 100% tax is a means of limiting the imports of cars.  Justified move in maintain that pride! And the recent uproar in the parliament  was because they were less convinced that the vehicles of the rest of the countries is never a threat to the environment and security of the nation. I am pretty moved by the MP's statement about the 100% tax ruining a common man's dream to own a car and letting others roam in our land. 

       What a concern!

       Above all, people are still crossing their fingers that good will come out and there will be justice in the land of peace. And a lot of appreciation to our farsighted leaders who always gave a second thought for the well beings of the people and the Nation as a whole!


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