Fancy Naming - Evolving trend in Bhutan

       'Are you a parent, a guardian, brother and sister to any newborn in your family?' Because I have a very interesting thing to talk about the trend that has been sweeping our people in the recent time; giving a fancy name to the new born.

       Even if you are not, it isn't any big matter, but you might have come across this trend of giving a fancy name to our child. It has in a way become a fashion in our place. If the name sounds very much normal, parent become very reluctant to name their child. And some also goes to the extent of taking years to think of a good name. This is fact!

       If we look back to our history, the names of our forefathers sounds rather weird. Some of the names sounds as if they are no names of people and rather of animals, rocks and trees. Tawmo for instance - this is a name of an old woman I know. Banthala is another one and Churpu,  these sounds weird and some names even brings goose bumps. But whatever the names people were called with, they look very common and ordinary.

       But change is the only permanent thing.

       You see, kids today laugh to hear the names of the people in those times. They find it amusing, while it has been a serious matter to those people. And it is just a complete contradiction with the old people who are still alive today.

       'What's the big deal with your name?' This is a common question old people ask their grand children today. They find if amusing too, which is but very much normal to the kids today.

       Kids born today are very lucky. They have all the extravagance of their life; starting from their bountiful names, because they would have lots of names. The fashion in which the names are being named is the most interesting part. As soon as the baby is born, they have a their pet name. Booboo, Bambam, Popo, Koko, these are the common names for a baby boy, the most common being Booboo. And what about the girl? It's more funny - Pooku, Lolo, Tukoo, Mukoo. 

       For god's sake, where do parent get these names form?

       This is stage 1 of naming and this remains their pet name. Parents are always in search of a name for their child. And this is every parent's belief that a child must have a Religious name

       Seriously!!! Those people didn't any of this mess and they still did fine. I don't know what this name has to do with our lives. Anyways, parents are always in search of a name - of course a fancy one. Believe me, we are in an era, where plain isn't anybody's choice. As a result, they take their kids to Lamas, for a name. 

       And parents are caught in dilemma and conflict, if they don't get a name up to their expectation. The instances where parents are content with the names are very less because all Lamas aren't fancy enough to think about the fanciest name and they don't have all the time.  Stage 2 is the conflict most parents go through.

       Now, what do they do if they are not contented with the name given by the Lama? Very simple - they coin all the fancy names and name their child. If this is the case, why do parent go to Lamas in the first place?

       'Confusing?' I know. It very much is. But the fact is, name has nothing to do with anything. It is our mentality that is making all this happen; the differences, the good and bad in the appearance of one's name. And who knows, this might lead to the undermining and stigmatizing the ones with not so good names.


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