Bhutan has more jobs than job seekers?

"Bhutan has more job vacancies than the job seekers registered with the Labour Ministry."

-Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay

Now this is something to think and talk about. The very first thing that comes into our mind is 'job.' What kind of thing or work is called 'job?' And the next instant people think like 'are the youths laying back, not registering with MoLHR? 

But an unemployed youth will always take a bigger consideration for the job, whether registered or not, because in one or the other the small population of our country is all connected  and all come to know about the jobs available in the market. Because it isn't really necessary if one is registered with the MoLHR or not. Or is anybody trying to defend the position here? 

Considering the ratio of the jobs available and the job seekers do we really have more jobs? Are we considering the kind of jobs available and the qualification of the job seekers. 

While it's true that Bhutan has jobs available but not many for the qualified people; especially the university graduates. It's through the experiences, through people whom I know and have good relations with that university graduates don't get jobs for their qualification. Seriously we can't expect a university graduate to work on the road as laborers, neither in the constructions sectors because these are skilled jobs. On contrary, if the skilled graduates from TTI (technical training institutes) talk about not having jobs, then it's something to talk about because Bhutan is undergoing vigorous development phase and jobs in these sectors are plenty i guess. But expecting a graduate to earn just three meals a day is not done and we just can't go on bragging we have enough jobs.

 Because the jobs we do compromise other necessary things, it is for this reason that youths always opt for high end jobs and remain jobless. Taking a consideration of the high inflation in the market, difficulty in getting comfortable accommodation, especially in the urban areas and other risk factors, the unemployment figure is always on the rise. Because we have countless youth unemployed, it's still not understood why nobody is doing anything on the most crucial thing; accommodation and the house rent in the urban areas. house owners keeps increasing the house rent every two years; that's what the law says while the salary and the remunerations remains stagnant. Youth don't want to do small jobs because they can't afford to live in such places where house rent and inflation is sky rocketing. 

And therefore we can't just simply study the figure and brag we have more jobs than the jobs seekers. 

If I have diverged from what i intended to write it's because lots of others things that matters are left unnoticed while we keep on defending our own right. 



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