Beacon of Tomorrow

 .... to our Prince on His 1st Birth Anniversary....

As though the sun has risen from afar
My home glitters with the rays of hope
Our wings, rested on the colorful joy
The beacon of legend has risen over horizon

Such greatness of the Name, has been long called
The ripples still afloat the hearts of all
Whilst the joy peek through the trunk of ecstasy
I, a humble servant, greets Thee with all the love

May I call Thee, the promise of tomorrow?
The hope, we cling close to our tender hearts
Such a name, even the Thames can’t afford to make
Let me sail, and rejoice through the vales of joy

Oh! The great one, who hath for us all come
Thou greet us with smile, such of a priceless
It gives us pleasant ride, through the meadows of love
I garland Thee with all the love and prayers

I see now, the vales have turned themselves up to Thee
And so the Rivers, the brooks, and the streams
Hum the name of a Legend, who has adorned my home
The Nile, as holy as it is, has taken thy name in its song
Dear Lord, the one of unfathomable touch of greatness
Thy Midas touch shall be proved the holiest of elixir
Time shall stand still, to watch Thee perform miracles
Your one touch shall have the golden goose born

Thou art one, who shall defy the law of fall
All I see is the carpet of bliss and joy
That shall meadow the land of peace
I submit to thy feet, Oh, the great one!

Fearless, as thou stand, it shield us from terror
Thy great mastery promises victory over any evils
The power in thy possession shall triumphant us all
The dynasty shall ride further, high with pride

The flag of the dragon, as it flutters in the wind
It sings the song of tranquil, passes me a great comfort
The roar of the dragon, to the far and wide heard
I held my head high, salute to the jewel of this land
Thy reign will be a home for countless hearts
Thou shall lead us through the path of greatness
Thy deed shall sanctify us though boundless times
Bless me more, for I can serve my duties better

My heart melts to behold Thee rise higher each day
Oh Lord! I must make pledges with delight
Come what may, but I, an honest servant to thy land
Vow to serve Thee, lead me to the perfection

 ....May you LIVE LONG my Prince....


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