Why on the earth she had to be set on fire? What kind of crime and sin deserves such a treatment? What could have provoked the man, the Ex, to set her on fire? 

These are some of the questions that triggers in people's mind when they heard the sad news of the 'Woman who was set on fire' by his ex-husband. The bitter pain is in imagining the excruciating pain from the burn. It's heart wrecking. Whoever has been on the scene must have felt the cold stab in their heart to see a woman running in flames. The most horrible of the scenes a mankind would ever watch! 

What kind of monsters is he? The man who was nobody for her, for it was already a month since they separated had to be his Death. The strength of the issue might have been so serious that it triggered the man to burn his ex alive. Or was it not the issue and his uncontrolled mind that went haywire? Or did he intend to by any means burn her alive because the coronation park doesn't have kerosene outlet and the man had it already with him. 

The question here is why it happened and how it happened, but its about the incident that happened. It was such a disturbing incident. It could stay in the minds of people for days, weeks or even for years.   

And for the child, it might be what the fate has for her that she had to witness the most tragic incident in such a tender age. Without any crime, without any wrong doings, she has to bear the pain and loss for the rest of her life. We could only pray that things goes well for her. 

The incident would have shocked the world that things like this has become so rampant in a country where PEACE & HAPPINESS are the way of life. It also happened that a tourist was also on the scene and posted on social media about the incident. 

It was such a tragic incident that people of Bhutan get exposed to, and more intriguingly the child of the deceased. The only thing we could do for now is that such incidents never happen in Bhutan in future and that we be careful with people around, because anywhere, anything can possibly happen.



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