Dear Life

With all the sorrows and sadness over the kind of life I have, these free verses flows out ....

I can’t finish thinking of how beautiful you are!
Dear life, with you, everything is heaven
And every moment a blessing, such joy
How blessed I feel that you are every breath I take

You’ve me and I’m happy for this
I can afford it, something which is above godly
 And precious, and because I’m a chosen one,
I have all the joy. Nothing as beautiful as you, O life

But how sad that you found a poor me
And rested upon who couldn’t have afforded it
But because you don’t differentiate, I am happy
For this makes me a fortunate one, though small

You were rude at first, when I was tender
I grew up a man cub without proper clothes on
And I hated you for all you were with me
But then, you were still that beautiful life

You put me through tests, of which I failed so many
But taught me how different I can be with failures
Because nothing can be beautiful without fall
And that, is the biggest lesson you have for all

Do you still remember me spending starving nights?
Because that loaf of bread was such a luxury
And I was no match for such an extravagance
But you always taught me lessons through such

You watched me grow, take adventure and be wise
When I broke down, you always showed me the path
Promised better days with each dawn break
Things were going well and I was all smiles

You have me tested enough and your test never ends
As if I have something you must juice out
I can no longer hold on to these sorrows
Why don’t you show me a path as you did before?
I wonder if you can watch me right now
Because my shouts are getting fainter with days
And these pangs of pains rip my heart out
Why do I see only sorrows and no moment of peace?

Or do you say it’s all my doing and I am responsible?
But all I say is just an omen of goodness that you exist
 Because that you have me, you should have a better plan
Or this is just what you got for me this life?

Why I can’t make people around me content
Of what I do or is everything just a doom?
I’m going feeble each day and can’t bear it anymore
For you are the maker, why don’t you show me a path?

Or maybe, why don’t you tell the people who despise me
That’s you are not about hatred, jealousy and ego
But a way through where everyone passes with joy
And no regret as you bid your last goodbye to them?

I will not make an end of you, no, not like others
Because I still know how beautiful you are
I have made up my mind to be little patience
And wait for the right time you show up


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